The good weather will continue all week

The week of the Puente del Pilar will continue with stable weather, with some morning fogs in the interior and slightly cloudy skies in most of Spain, with the exception of some isolated and scarce rain in the Mediterranean.

The most characteristic note of the next few days will be the “marked thermal amplitude” that will take place between day and night, with cool early mornings but with a mild atmosphere in the central hours, even somewhat warmer than normal for this time of year. west and south of the peninsula, explained Rubén del Campo, spokesman for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).


For the day of this Monday, the highlight is the east wind with very strong gusts in the Strait, where it could exceed 80 kilometers per hour, which according to the Aemet will cause bad seas on those coasts and in the Alboran Sea.

There could still be abundant cloudiness in points of the Mediterranean coast, with some weak and isolated showers, especially in the Valencian Community.


The forecasts of the Aemet for tomorrow Tuesday, Hispanic Day, indicate that there will be morning mists and fog banks in Galicia and the interior of the Cantabrian communities and it is possible that also in the river valleys of Castilla-La Mancha, inland from Murcia, Andalusia and points of the Balearic Islands.

These fogs will tend to dissipate soon and there will generally be a day with slightly cloudy skies in most of Spain, except in the Strait area and in the eastern end of Andalusia, where some weak and scattered rain is not ruled out, the spokesperson for the Aemet.

The wind will blow in the Ebro valley, the tramontana in Catalonia -with strong gusts in the Ampurdán-, the east in the Strait and there will also be intense winds from the east in Galicia.

The temperatures tomorrow Tuesday will not vary much compared to those of previous days, so that the environment will be temperate and even warm at noon, to the point that in the Guadalquivir valley it will exceed 30 degrees or they will be around 20 to 25 degrees in large areas of the interior.

However, the early hours of Tuesday will be cool, with minimum temperatures of about 5 degrees and even lower in cities of the northern plateau such as Burgos or Soria and, according to Aemet, it is possible that in some points of that area the temperature difference between the early morning and early afternoon exceed 20 degrees.

Wednesday and Thursday

For Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th, the forecasts suggest that the stable environment will continue in most of Spain, with morning mists and fogs in parts of the interior, but with slightly cloudy skies and no rain in general.

The east wind of maritime origin will carry clouds to the regions bathed by the Mediterranean that will give rise to possible showers that in general will be weak and isolated, more likely in the Balearic Islands, eastern Catalonia and the Valencian Community.

Those showers could be somewhat more intense in the mountains of Mallorca during the day on Wednesday and on the Valencian coast on Thursday, without ruling out that that day they may also affect the coast of Murcia and Almería.

The winds will continue to blow strongly in the north of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands and will leave rough seas and waves of up to three or four meters in the Cantabrian Sea, where strong gusts of the eastern component are expected.

The Aemet does not forecast temperature changes for the middle of the week, although the thermometers could drop a bit in general and rise significantly in the Cantabrian Sea.

As Rubén del Campo has detailed, it is possible that next Wednesday and Thursday the maximum 30 degrees will be exceeded again in the Guadalquivir and the maximum 25 in large areas of the southern half, while in the north the maximums will oscillate between 18 and the 20 degrees that they will have in the eastern Cantabrian and the 27 in the south of Galicia.

At night it will continue to be cool and weak frosts are not ruled out in mountain areas as well as in the moors of the central and northern half of the Peninsula, that is to say that those two days again there will be “a remarkable thermal amplitude”, or whatever It is the same, “a lot of temperature difference between dawn and early afternoon” has reported the Aemet spokesman.

From Friday to Sunday

From Friday the 15th and until Sunday the 17th, the weather forecasts point to the continued anticyclonic weather, stable and without rainfall, although the east wind could continue in the Mediterranean area and the east wind in the Strait increasing the cloudiness and neither Weak showers are ruled out in those areas and in Galicia.

Temperatures will not undergo major changes, although the early mornings could be somewhat warmer and the daily temperature range could also be reduced.

As for the Canary Islands, cloudy skies are expected in the north of the islands of greater relief, without ruling out some weak rain there, with clearer skies in the rest, light trade winds and stable temperatures that will oscillate between 20 degrees in the morning and 25 to 27 at noon in coastal areas.

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