Not one more murdered. With shouts of “justice, justice”, dozens of people began the march yesterday to demand the full weight of the law against the alleged murderer of the young Kenya María and also to demand that in Sinaloa not even a woman be murdered. “Not one more, not one more, not one more murdered,” was heard in unison on the way from the cathedral to La Lomita. The murder of Kenya María brought men and women together, who joined their voices to demand an end to violence against women. This young woman was murdered last week, and her body was found at a receivership property in Costa Rica. Her death has caused great outrage because, who allegedly took her life, was her boyfriend, a person who should take care of her, who should protect her. Although the person identified as responsible is detained and was linked to the process, family, friends and citizens are asking for the maximum penalty, after learning details of how the young woman begged for her life and he had no mercy.
In Sinaloa, women are brutally beaten, humiliated and murdered; and most cases go unpunished. It is useless that in the state all murders of women are initiated as femicides if in the end, in the majority, those responsible are not arrested; and when the authorities do, in many cases the State Attorney General’s Office and the defense, to save time and resources, opt for the abbreviated procedure. In the cases of femicides, the Office of the Prosecutor has much to do.

Hurricane alert. It is expected that next Wednesday the hurricane that may form from the tropical storm Pamela could impact in various regions of Sinaloa. State and municipal authorities and the population of the alert areas have time to organize and get to safety, as well as their belongings. It is very important that, in the face of natural phenomena, work hard with the culture of prevention and not trust these phenomena, because they have no word and can change their trajectory from one moment to another; An example of this was Hurricane Nora, which was too erratic and caused floods and great losses to thousands of Sinaloans. In Culiacán, it is expected that it could leave heavy rains in the Eldorado receivership, so Mayor Jesús Estrada Ferreiro must organize all his Civil Protection personnel and officials to be aware of the population. I hope that the first mayor of Culiacán will put aside the lawsuits and focus more of his time on safeguarding the population, which, by the way, despite the fact that the great risk of the storm sewer located near the Malverde chapel was reported, In this capital city, nothing has been done to try to prevent a misfortune.

Legislative ‘Tortuguismo’. That they remove from the “freezer” the initiative of reforms and additions to the Municipal Government Law, which was presented more than two years ago to the 63rd Legislature, requested Soledad Astrain Fraire, president of this citizen organization. This initiative raises the existence of a duplication of powers between the trustees and the Internal Control Bodies that must be corrected. For now, given the null response of the deputies who left, they will go to the Office of the Parties to ratify the initiative that was delivered on June 11, 2019 for analysis and ruling, but, to date, the Commission of Constitutional Points and Government did not respond to the petitioners. Unfortunately, the legislators of the last legislature and some of the current one, because they repeated, left important initiatives without removing, such as the Anti-rocket Law, which aims to prevent explosives from being sold to children. Despite the fact that in Sinaloa there have been many cases of children who have been left with amputations and have even lost their lives due to rockets. For being involved in politics, legislators did not mind leaving them unprotected.

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