Presidency of ADEMA-PASJ: Five candidates for a chair

Abdoul Karim Konaté dit Ampé, Tiemoko Sangaré (outgoing president), Adama Sangaré, mayor of the district of Bamako, Adama Noumpounon Diarra, Marimathia Diarra, these are the 5 candidates who will run for the post of president of Adéma PASJ at the ‘outcome of the 6th congress scheduled for October 16 and 17.

The upcoming congress will be a decisive turning point in the designation of a candidate in the colors of the party or in providing support for an “external candidacy”.

Initially scheduled for the end of March 2021, the congress of the Alliance for Democracy in Mali-African Party for Solidarity and Justice (Adema-PASJ) will finally be held on October 16 and 17, 2021. The Assizes des Abeilles will be held unless 5 months of the presidential election of February 27, 2022.

A moment of great negotiation within the Adéma family, the upcoming congress will be a decisive turning point in the designation of a candidate in the colors of the party or to support an “external candidacy”. The choice of the future president will determine the course to be taken in orienting the deadlines to come. Unless there is a last minute change, the name of the next Bee candidate will be known on the evening of October 17 between Abdoul Karim Konaté dit Ampé, Tiemoko Sangaré (outgoing president), Adama Sangaré, mayor of the district of Bamako, Adama Noumpounon Diarra, Marimathia Diarra (3rd vice-president of CE Adéma). A 6e candidate could arise at the last minute. This is Yaya Sangaré, former minister and former deputy. His candidacy for the latter was requested by a “collective of support for the candidacy of Comrade Yaya Sangaré for the Presidency of Adema-PASJ (COSCA-Yaya Sangaré). Hearing that the person concerned does not come forward, we are interested in the chances of those who, according to our sources, have declared their candidacy.

The one for whom the section of Koro (Mopti) has renewed its confidence, Abdoul Karim Konaté says Ampé wants to give new blood to the Hive. Although not being a founding member of the party, Ampé is the one who aims to bring the Adéma family together more, carried it higher as has never happened. A man of solutions and having a sense of listening, Ampé will not lack arguments to convince the sections to trust him. Already, it enjoys the confidence of several sections. For an informed observer, Ampé may well be elected president of Les Abeilles. “If the bees remember his exceptional commitment to the party, there is no doubt he will be the new President of CE ADEMA”, he added. In any case, with regard to its dynamism, its unfailing commitment which is moreover admitted by all generations of Hive militants, and especially with regard to its ability to bring together the militants of the Bee party, in good “Corporal”, Abdoul Karim Konaté, recognized as the man of great challenges, will surely have to benefit from the confidence of his comrades to take advantage of this impasse which has been imposed on him for several years.

Just like Ampé, the mayor of the district Adama Sangaré, joined Adéma after its creation. Some believe that he may well be the one who can succeed Tiemoko Sangaré, notwithstanding his multiple warrants of committal. Supported by several party officials, the mayor of the Bamako district, although fought internally by the party by “invisible hands” enjoys the confidence of several sections. Like Ampé, he has a great capacity for listening and mobilizing human resources. He is one of the candidates to be counted on to lead the new office of Adéma.

Tiémoko Sangaré, outgoing president will find it difficult to be re-elected in the sense that his strong supporters (several sections) seem to opt for other candidates. Tiémoko’s second chance could also come from his ability to rally the great party leaders to his cause, who might say to themselves that it is better to correct the mistakes made than to embark on “unknown ground”.

Supporter of an Adema candidate for the 2022 presidential election, judging him Mr. Sangaré even in difficulty, does not leave defeated. It seems to be the rare candidate who maintains that “Today, Adema can no longer afford to support a candidate outside its ranks”.

The chances of Marimathia Diarra, 3rd vice-president of Adéma, could be his supporters who happen to be the reformers. This sawtooth second chance may well create a surprise by getting on the podium. The general secretary of the Diéma section could hope for support from both his section and the youth side as well as the women’s movement and even other sections inside and outside. Mr. Diarra is one of those who are open to any hypothesis, that is to say, he does not rule out an alliance with other political leaders.

The outsider of the competition is called: Adama Noumpounon Diarra from the Sikasso section. Secretary General, first party official in the capital of Kénédoudougou, Adama N. Diarra is one of the reformists. For Mr. Diarra, it is time to make the party, a party of activists, to start with a new impetus of political activism.

Early activist of the Hive party, the one who is mayor of the rural commune of Kourouma in the sub-prefecture of Kignan, notwithstanding his featherweight will still try to be heard.

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