"Please help"cried little Arthur before dying of salt poisoning

UK.- Arthur was six years old, his dad and stepmother mistreated him, they left him without drinking water and without eating for days, the abuses were recorded as well as the audios of suffering where the child was heard asking for help, after a long period of agony, the minor died on June 16, 2020 in the United Kingdom .

Arthur lived alone with his father since his mother was imprisoned in 2019 for the crime of homicide, at first he apparently had a stable life, surrounded with his father’s family in an annex in the backyard of the paternal grandparents.

Later the man moved in with the child and his new partner, that’s where the mistreatment of the little one. In April 2020 his maternal grandmother spoke to social services as she had seen that Arthur had bruises on his back.

The boy’s father’s family also noticed the bruises and when asked what had happened, the child told them that his stepmother had called him an “ugly and horrible brat” and had pushed him down the stairs.

Children’s services went to the house where Arthur lived, noticed his bruises, took photographs that were sent to the police but did nothing, the little boy was found dead in the worst way after many days of dying on June 16, 2020.


Evidence of the mistreatment that little Arthur suffered in life was presented to the court, one of them was a conversation on WhatsApp between the boy’s father and stepmother, where he they sent photos and videos of how they tortured him, as well as phrases of hatred against the minor like: “damn Hitler” “I’m going to take his jaw off his shoulders.”

But that was not all, audios of the sounds that Arthur made when he suffered from being beaten were also presented, even his biological father told his partner “not to move a muscle; put it next to the refrigerator, take it out or wherever, give it away “:

The child was also left without food for days, without drinking water and standing staring at a wall, often forced to stand on the step next to the hallway of the front door for 14 hours without receiving any food.

Asked for help

In one of the audios where the minor was abused, he desperately asked for help, but no one helped him.

“Please help me,” the boy is heard screaming in the audio.

A witness in the case said that one day Arthur secretly asked him for a drink of water, while his parents were out of the room, that day the witness had to hold the glass of water for him because the boy was too weak to do so.

The lawyer handling the case against the parents said the boy was seen in dirty clothes, chapped lips, could barely open his mouth to speak, his hair and nails were dirty, malnourished, emaciated and worn.

Death and salt poisoning.

Arthur was found dead on June 16, 2020, the necropsy showed that he died of head injury inflicted by an adult. CT scans showed the boy had bleeding in the brain and damage within the brain which was due to a lack of oxygen and blood supply.

According to the investigations, on the day of his death, Arthur was with his stepmother, who hit him hard and when he saw how the boy was dying in the hall, he ran for his cell phone to record, after twelve minutes he spoke to the emergency services but to no avail.

The day before the father told a neighbor that if he heard someone say “don’t kill me” to ignore him, a day later he was dead.

The witness said the boy previously looked happy and healthy and when he died he appeared “as if he was broken.”

Medical examinations made to the child at the time of his death showed that he had consumed 34 grams of salt, equivalent to six and a half spoons, in a course of twelve hours, the WHO recommends that an adult consume a maximum of 5 grams, the child was repeatedly poisoned With salt.

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The boy’s parents were charged with child cruelty for multiple assaults and for administering salt and denying him food and water. They both deny the charges.

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