Olga Ostroumova in a wheelchair and bald Ekaterina Guseva: premiere of "8 loving women"

Yesterday at the Mossovet Theater the first premiere of the 99th season took place – the play “8 loving women” based on the play by the French playwright Robert Thom. This production cannot be called classic, what is happening on the stage is more like a show with elements of a musical. And the plot at some point also refers to the recent movie hits – the detective “Get the Knives” and the TV series “Why Women Kill”.

Occupied in the play, which was called a psychedelic absurd nocturne with elements of black comedy, all the stars are Olga Kabo, Evgenia Kryukova, Ekaterina Guseva, Anna Mikhailovskaya. When 74-year-old Olga Ostroumova appears on the stage in a wheelchair, the audience immediately applauds. Looking ahead, it is worth noting that in a semi-immobile state, she will carry out only part of the action. Olga Mikhailovna has no prejudices and superstitions on this score, after the show she explained that she was ready to play anyone: “What is there to be afraid of if such a role. I’m not afraid of anything! “

There is a minimum of decorations on the stage, all the attention is on the main characters and their characters. The story unfolds in a secluded home where a large family has gathered for Christmas. The owner was busy until late, asked not to wake up early. Then it suddenly turns out that he was stabbed in the back, the telephone wire was cut …

Spectators witness how ladies of three generations and their servants conduct their own investigation. All women in their own way love this man, each has its own secrets with him. Trying to find the killer, they gradually reveal their secrets, at some point it becomes clear: here are all criminals and at the same time victims. Despite the seemingly seriousness of the situation, laughter is constantly heard in the hall – that’s why it is a black comedy.

The beauty and star of the “Brigade” Ekaterina Guseva is completely unrecognizable in makeup that imitates a receding hairline and gray hair. At first, her heroine Augustine, the victim’s sister-in-law, causes persistent hostility due to hysteria and strange behavior. But everything changes after her deafening monologue: “Of course, what’s good in my life? Show me this. And the appearance is not the same to start life anew, and the age is not at all the same. But I really want love … “

If in the first act all the actresses appear in clothes of inconspicuous beige shades that are approximately the same in color, then in the second each one acquires a bright individuality. Personal qualities and dramas come to the fore, it doesn’t even really matter who killed in the end.

What are these ladies not doing on stage: screaming, screaming, convulsing, furiously jumping at each other. Bright, talented, funny, provocative. “We tried to show the whole palette of feelings inherent in any woman,” says the performer of the role of the murdered Yevgeny Kryukov’s sister. – And at the same time they tried to reveal our fears, our complexes, our desires, our tears. We have such a good ensemble, everyone became close during the rehearsal period, there is no competition – we are interested in each other. “

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The finale of the performance, which you watch in one breath, is also not classic – a secret man appears on the stage, not even listed in the program. To show such an artist, it was definitely worth making adjustments to the storyline. “The ending was born in the process, literally five days before the premiere. Thanks to the artistic director of the production, Evgeny Marcelli (who is also the new artistic director of the Mossovet theater), we stopped at a happy ending, ”explained Olga Kabo.

By the way, “8 loving women” was also the last performance of Marcelli in the last post of artistic director of the theater of drama. Volkov in Yaroslavl. True, everything looked a little different there – a lot of life for show, half-naked bodies. For example, one actress was taking a bath right on the stage, the other was shaving her legs and twisting curlers. Evgeny Zhozefovich was criticized for bold decisions then, the audience wrote that the action was like a show for a pub.

The director of the current performance, Olesya Nevmerzhitskaya, has added gloss and glamor to the production, smoothed out the rough edges. “We have to drive the viewer crazy working in this genre,” Olga Ostroumova believes. Happened!

Photo: Olga Pleteneva, Gevorg Harutyunyan, AGN Moscow / Sergey Kiselev

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