Netflix raises its prices in Spain again for all plans that allow account sharing: this is how the new changes will affect you

It was a mere matter of time before Netflix decided raise once again your prices in Spain and the platform has decided that it is time to do it. Starting today, Monday, October 11, Netflix increases the cost of two of the three plans it offers to its customers, specifically the Standard and the Premium.

The new prices

The price increase is one euro in the Standard plan, which goes from 11.99 to 12.99 euros per month, and two for the Premium, which remains at 17.99 euros when until now it was set at 15.99 euros. Thus, the prices of the platform plans are like this:

  • Basic: 7,99 € (without changes)
  • Standard: 12,99 € (increase of one euro in price)
  • Premium: 17,99 € (increase of two euros in price)

As I pointed out before, it was sung that Netflix was going to touch prices in Spain sooner rather than later, because this past August it already raised them in several European countries, including France. So there was no increase in Spain, where the company has preferred to wait until October to do so.

Of course, it is surprising that he has decided to do it precisely now, since there is barely a week left for the landing of HBO Max in Spain. It is true that this platform comes to replace HBO Spain instead of being a new player in the streaming war, but also that its catalog is going to increase significantly, making it a tougher competitor to Netflix.

However, the heart of it all is in the fact that costs for Netflix do not stop growing, both due to the increasingly tough competition and the fact that they want to expand their line of business. The latest move in that line has been to bet on mobile video games, and of course, they do not pay for themselves.

How it affects you

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Remember that Netflix had already increased its prices in Spain just over two years ago. Specifically, it was in June 2019 when the costs of the Standard plan and the Premium plan also increased. The rise was equivalent to what has occurred today, of one euro for the Standard and two for the Premium.

In fact, it seems like a continuous strategy over time, since in October 2017 exactly the same change occurred. Come on, the Standard plan has gone in four years from costing 9.99 euros per month to 12.99 euros, while the Premium has gone from 11.99 to 17.99 euros. Curiously, both are the ones that allow more than one simultaneous playback, that is, in which it is feasible to share the account with other person (s).

Precios NetflixPrecios Netflix

In other words, the plan Standard allows you to share the account with another person. If this is the case, you will go from paying 6 euros to 6.5 euros per month. For its part, plan Premium allows up to four plays simultaneously, which translates from 4 euros per person per month to 4.5 euros per month. It is still cheaper than 7.99 euros individually and without access to HD, which comes with the Standard plan, or the exclusive UHD of the Premium.

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