McDonald's: THAT is the new burger - customers are disappointed: "Shameful!"

McDonald’s: THAT is the new burger – customers are disappointed: “Shameful!”

Burger King vs McDonalds – the fast food giants compared

Burger King vs McDonalds – the fast food giants compared

What is the difference between the two fast food giants McDonalds and Burger King?

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McDonald’s surprises its fans and customers once again with a new burger creation.

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In England there is now the Double BigMac. What looks great for meat fans at first glance, but provides for many McDonald’s-Customers for criticism.

McDonald’s: New BigMac is under criticism

The big burger with a lot of meat is considered one of the timeless classics at McDonald’s. Who doesn’t remember the commercial with grandma, who skillfully holds the BigMac and bites into all layers at once?


This is McDonald’s:

  • Founded May 15, 1940, based in Oak Brook (Illinois, USA)
  • Fastest food group with the highest turnover in the world
  • In 2019, sales were $ 21 billion
  • There are restaurants in 120 countries, and the majority of the around 36,000 locations are operated by franchisees
  • around 205,000 employees worldwide
  • popular with customers: the toys contained in the Happy Meal
  • In addition to the McDonald’s toys, the McDonald’s glasses are also a highlight for customers


The new Double BigMac should now attract a similar amount of attention. On the British McDonald’s Twitter page, the company announced the variant – consisting of four slices of meat, three slices of bread, two layers of lettuce and a slice of cheese.

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But it is precisely this composition that annoys many people on Twitter. The point of criticism: Too little cheese for too much meat!

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A selection of the comments:

  • “A slice of cheese on four burgers is pathetic”
  • “You failed here with a slice of cheese …”
  • “A double cheeseburger with BigMac sauce would be better”
  • “Four slices of meat and only one lousy slice of cheese?”
  • “Needs more cheese …”

Another point of criticism of the double BigMac is the fact that it has already been in the range. Some users suggest completely new varieties instead of the new edition, for example a BigMac with chicken or a double Royal TS.

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McDonald’s: THAT is how many calories the new BigMac has

While the offer for the Double BigMac is limited in England and the burger is only available between October 7th and November 16th, it is unclear whether it will also go over the counter in Germany at some point.


More about McDonald’s:


What is clear, however, is that the McDonald’s variant will probably add a calorie hammer to the previous offer. According to the “Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland”, the thing has 720 calories and 43 grams of fat. The classic McDonald’s version, on the other hand, has 540 calories and 30 grams of fat. (kv)

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