This week it will be expensive in the “Den of the Lions” at Vox. How come Two founders value their company at 50 million euros because they want 5 million euros for ten percent of their company. In the history of the show, too high ratings have not been so well received by potential investors. Does the idea justify the record sum? The other founders are also very interesting.

Hackboe: The garden tool without back pain

Mike Bökenbröger founded his own company to manufacture garden tools and now wants to land the big hit with “The Lion’s Cave”. He gardens himself and has invented a motor-driven hoe that is supposed to protect crops and the back at the same time. With the device you can cultivate your own plants well and despite the up to 7000 revolutions, they should not be damaged in the process. “Hackboe” should also destroy weeds without any problems and all with a healthy posture, as Bökenbröger says. For this it should be 150,000 euros for 20 percent of the company.

Scewo BRO: Record sum for a wheelchair

Thomas Gemperle, Pascal Buholzer and Bernhard Winter have decided to do something. They are asking for the highest sum ever called on the show. 5 million euros for ten percent of the company, a company worth 50 million euros – and all for a wheelchair. But of course no founder would ask that much money just for a wheelchair. “We’re building the Tesla under wheelchairs,” says the trio. And what can he do? Climbing stairs is integrated and there is a function for height adjustment so that wheelchair users can access high shelves. In addition, the large bikes can drive over forest paths and cobblestones. The device can be controlled via the control console or even your own smartphone, which is also equipped with a reversing camera. “You can no longer join Tesla. With us, yes! ”Will the lions really invest?

HealthMe: One app for all ingredients in food

Food intolerance is a growing area. More are discovered and people are more sensitive to it. Victoria Noack developed the “HealthMe” app so that consumers can get a quick overview of the ingredients in food. This contains millions of products that can be filtered by users for ingredients and also for intolerances, eating habits and diets. The founder wants to give up 17.5 percent of her company for 250,000 euros.

Catlabs: Better toys for cats

Katharina Bickel founded a company for her own cat. At “Catlabs” develops cat toys that meet their own requirements. Everything else did not convince her in terms of health or aesthetics. In their toys there are of course fragrances that are supposed to stimulate the play instinct. It should be 15 percent of the company for 75,000 euros.

  1. You can get the toy online at Netto from 7.99 euros.

Eat Wurscht: The very special Currywurst

Marco Peters earns his living with currywurst. That’s no reason to go to “The Lion’s Den” at first, but when the Corona crisis came, all events where Peters normally earns money with his food truck fell. So he decided to pack his currywurst in a jar and sell it himself. Georg Kofler is already impressed: “You are a great role model for many right now.” Will that also lead to 49,000 euros for 49 percent of the company?

  1. The currywurst in a glass is available online at Netto from 3.99 euros.

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