For the defense of Mali: The Coalition For Mali focused on baptismal fonts

The Labor Exchange (UNTM) served as a framework on October 9, 2021, for the proceedings of the official press conference on the activities of the Convention Pour le Mali (CPM). Placed on baptismal funds by Malians from within and from the diaspora from more than 70 movements, associations and organizations, political party activists, etc., the CPM is headed by Dr Allaye Bocoum. The CPM, insists Allaye Bocoum, supports actions and not individuals. It is for this reason, he adds, it supports all the actions undertaken against corruption and impunity, is keen on the good organization of transparent and incontestable elections, without any precipitation and the securing of the country. “We register our action through this social contract for the defense of Mali, against ourselves Malians and against the outside. The CPM wants to bring together all Malians from all sides, ”said Dr Allaye Bocoum.

The creation of the CPM, according to Allaye Bocoum, started from the sad realization that Mali still faces a number of problems that remain a major concern for all Malians. Among these, says Allaye Bocoum, we note the placing of our country in a situation of total insecurity by the destruction of our army; the threat to integrity, indivisibility, social cohesion and living together between our communities; excessive corruption and financial delinquency; the crisis of confidence between the rulers and the ruled; the undermining of the functioning of the State (Justice, administration, etc.); the permanent organization of botched elections; the decay of our educational, socio-cultural and health system. “Aware of these evils which seriously threaten our country, knowing that it is unity that makes strength, that Mali is in a perilous situation, that the realities that our country is going through require a pooling of efforts to face the identified by all, concerned about the future and the future of our nation, men and women, the sacred union, forgiveness after justice is the best option to face the main challenges facing Mali, have decided to put themselves together to bring the maximum number of Malians around the essential, ”said Dr Allaye Bocoum. It is for all these reasons, cited above, adds Dr Bocoum, that we joined hands to put in place this framework of convergence, of struggles, whenever necessary. This is why, he adds, we thought of the creation of the CPM, having as slogan “let us keep hope and together look towards the future”.

For us, the president of the CPM continues, it is not a question of remaking history by creating one more movement, but of bringing everyone to understand that it is urgent, for the very existence of our country, to overcome solitary struggles to mobilize each time the nation is undermined and we are sure that the CPM can be this bridge, even the solution to finally unite the Malians who are in good faith, to curb the hatred and put an end to mistrust between children of the same nation.

In view of all the above, adds Dr Allaye Bocoum, we (peasants, civilians and soldiers, religious, jurists, economists, health workers, etc.), aware of the capacity of our people to do great things every time ‘he finds himself, hand in hand, let’s defend: the integrity, the indivisibility of our country and bring our unconditional support to all the initiatives undertaken to bring back security, stability, peace and living together. Then, he said, convinced that dialogue is a Malian virtue, the JPC urges the authorities to speak up with all the sons of the country, including those who have taken up arms to save our nation. Finally, Dr Bocoum reaffirmed the full support of the CPM for all actions taken against the fight against corruption and impunity, and demands from the current authorities the completion of all prosecutions by a good distribution of justice. . In addition, the JPC, supports Dr Bocoum, urges the authorities to remain attached to the people for the safeguard of national sovereignty and also to do everything to bring our country to lasting stability through the organization of transparent and indisputable elections, without no precipitation.

Finally, he appealed to all, sons of the interior and the exterior, to join the convention for Mali so that together we build a country of peace and solidarity.

Hadama B. Fofana

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