Dog in NRW: four-legged friend goes through hell in the animal shelter - "If we hadn't acted, he would be dead now"

Dog in NRW: four-legged friend goes through hell in the animal shelter – “If we hadn’t acted, he would be dead now”

Three dog parenting mistakes you shouldn’t make

Three dog parenting mistakes you shouldn’t make

Do you want a good dog? Then you shouldn’t make these parenting mistakes.

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What this dog had to experience everything is hard to believe. Now Jack has it NRW guided. The little boxer-pointer hybrid has led a very miserable life so far.

Now that should dog in loving hands in NRW mediated. But the deal bursts at the last second.

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Dog in NRW: The sad story of Jack

One and a half years ago, the dog Jack was found by the animal welfare association “Sando” on the Spanish island of Fuerteventura in a perrera (rescue station for dogs, where killing can be carried out after 21 days). According to the association, the little four-legged friend lived there on a miserable eight square meters.

+++ A woman is looking for a dog in her own garden – then she realizes with horror what she has done to him +++

He just ran in circles – like mad. “If we hadn’t acted, he would be dead now,” says the first chairwoman of the association, Petra Konradi.

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Her diagnosis: Jack suffered from a severe kennel fever. “His breathing was slow and he was already foaming at the mouth,” said Markus Kurscheidt, 2nd chairman of the animal welfare association, which ultimately brought him to Germany.

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Dog Jack ends up in North Rhine-Westphalia and remains unsure

The mongrel has been living in a foster home in Bonn for months. Unfortunately, it is not child’s play to convey it. Because his experiences made Jack an insecure creature.


The house dog as a companion of humans:

  • Domestication took place around 15,000 to 100,000 years ago
  • the wild ancestral form is the wolf
  • there are around 500 million domestic dogs worldwide
  • In Germany alone, 9 million live as pets


This means that the four-year-old animal has snapped at strange dogs in the past. But when he is introduced to other conspecifics, then great friendships have already developed.

And he loves people more than anything anyway. Has already stayed twice at short notice. Now “Sando” is urgently looking for a permanent home for the small dog.

Mediation of dog in NRW fails at five centimeters

And that is exactly what seemed recently found. There was a perfect candidate for “Jacky Baby”, as he is affectionately known.

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But then suddenly the landlord thwarted the agency’s bill. The housing company forbade the prospective buyer to take Jack – because of five centimeters!

Because Jack measures 50 centimeters. Only 45 centimeters are allowed at the landlord.


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Recently, another interested party had contacted me. “A pensioner with a lot of dog experience,” reports Konradi.

But shortly before the handover, the elderly man suffered a heart attack. “I still can’t believe all of that,” said the club’s chairwoman. Her thoughts are with the senior and of course with the affectionate Jack, whom she finally wishes a loving home after months of waiting.

Do you want to record Jack? Then send an email to “Sando”: “” and fill out the prospect sheet on the animal welfare association’s website. (ak)

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