Agnès B. and Le Slip Français create a collection with refugees and migrants

La Fabrique Nomade during the capsule creation process with Le Slip Français and Agnès B.

FASHION – Preserve and develop know-how. The solidarity association, La Fabrique Nomade, which works for the professional integration of refugee craftspeople and regularized migrants in France, in collaboration with Le Slip Français, has launched a collection of cotton veil bandanas and aprons in cotton canvas, available for sale this Wednesday, October 13. The collection obtained the sponsorship of stylist Agnès B. who offered to illustrate the capsule in the colors of Jacques Floret’s drawings.

Le Slip Français is a brand committed to sustainable and local fashion. It supports French know-how by calling on its partners in France to manufacture all of its products. Guillaume Gibault, its founder, meets Inès Mesma in 2020, founder of the Fabrique Nomade. It will take no less than this meeting to reveal the evidence of a collaboration.

By joining the project, Le Slip Français has promised to provide the association with its network of partners and to practice technical sponsorship. The underwear brand also financed the solidarity project by donating 5% of its sales profits each Friday to the Fabrique Nomade. Ultimately, Le Slip Français is committed to entering into a lasting partnership with the association.

An exchange of good practices for the textile sector

“We can clearly see that everyone wants to manufacture locally, except that there is no such capacity to manufacture today: 8000 job offers just on the Pôle emploi dans le textile site that are not provided ”, says Guillaume Gibault to France Info. The collaboration between Le Slip Français and the Fabrique Nomade aims to support the training and employment of textile professionals, and the occurrence of migrant and refugee professionals.

“These people who arrive in France with a job; a know-how that they took years to acquire, we do not recognize it. The language barrier, the lack of knowledge of the market means that they will be oriented towards sectors in tension such as household, security, construction, while they have a know-how to promote, to show and also to share with our companies and thus participate in the wealth of the country ”, assures Inès Mesma.

Created in 2016, the Fabrique Nomade is an association that works to promote and promote the professional integration of migrant and refugee artisans in France. Inès Mesma decides to create this association when she discovers that her mother, who immigrated to France, worked before coming to France as an embroiderer in Tunis. A profession that she has never exercised in France. Inès Mesma realizes the difficulty for migrants and refugees to assert their skills in France when they immigrate and decides to found the Fabrique Nomade to break down the barriers to employment encountered by these professionals.

La Fabrique Nomade has set up training that allows refugees and migrants to enhance their skills and adapt them to French markets. The association also created the first professional certification for migrant craftspeople. Since 2016, the Fabrique Nomade has trained 50 artisans, coming from 28 countries around the world, and representing more than 20 different artistic professions (jewelers, carpenters, dressmakers …).

The association offers a nine-month training course in fine crafts and an integration project with a one-year fixed-term contract, intended for couturiers. “We realized that in the region there are real demands from companies that manufacture clothes and struggle to find designers” confides Ghaita Tauche-Luthi, communication manager of the Fabrique Nomade to France Info. However, “we are not going to teach them their profession, they already know it, we will support them to improve their skills and adapt their profession to this new country”, she adds.

The capsule collection consists of four bandanas and an apron. The profits from the sale of this work will be donated to the association in order to support the development of their project.

Le Slip Français and Agnès B. provided technical and artistic advice throughout the creation process. Agnès B., sponsor of the capsule, regularly works in favor of the integration and integration of migrants and refugees in France. Already in 2016, it had honored foreign artists in an art exhibition called “Vivre !!” at the Museum of the History of Immigration, in Paris.

Following the dismantling of the “jungle of Calais” in 2016, the stylist had launched, via AFP, an appeal to the French and British governments to “make an effort” and welcome migrants, and denounced the speeches that opened doors to hatred ”. “We need to bring families together! The British government needs to do something! ”Said Agnes B.

“We can live together. We have always lived together ”she said at the time. This commitment has not changed. For her, “women and men will always need to express themselves with their culture, their traditions and their know-how” as she confides to France Info.

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