After a crisis: 5 tips on how to regain your strength in difficult times

After a crisis
5 tips on how to regain your strength in difficult times

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Whether personal or global: crises always cost us strength – but somehow we still have to continue afterwards. 5 tips from a woman who survived one of the worst crises ever.

In our “normal” everyday life, we often do not even notice how beautiful life actually is. As if it were taken for granted, we get up in the morning and follow our habits: wake up children, have breakfast with loved ones, drive to work, go shopping, etc. At times it can all be quite annoying.

But when something bad happens and pulls us out of our everyday life, we suddenly realize what we had and what we could have been grateful for every day. As tragic as it is, crises make it clear to us what a special gift life is. However, we can only enjoy it if we find our strength again, which was lost in the crisis …

Life crisis: suddenly a widow

Maya Stomp knows the emptiness and powerlessness that severe crises leave behind. At the age of 41, she surprisingly lost her husband. Alexander died on a Tuesday evening as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage. Within two hours the world of Maya Stomp was transformed from “everything as always” to “completely out of joint”. After 15 years together, they had to say goodbye.

Cover: Like widows are a tough people

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Less than ten years after her loss, Maya Stomp has written a book about her experience. In “We Widows are a tough people” she describes how it felt to suddenly be alone and have to start over – and how she personally found the way back to life and her strength.

This book is sure to be a source of comfort for anyone in mourning for a loved one. Because it gives us the feeling of being understood and of course not to be alone. In addition, Maya Stomp’s descriptions and advice can also generally help in coping with and “resurrecting” after a crisis – such as the following five self-help measures.

5 measures against loneliness: a lonely teddy bear by the sea

5 tips to find your own strength again

1. Find sources of consolation

If we are in a state of mind where we ask ourselves every morning or evening, “How am I supposed to do this?”, We should look for something that makes us feel good. Whether photos, music, the pet or a good cup of hot coffee – many things can be a comforting soul, but we all have to find our individual sources of comfort ourselves.

2. Rediscover the beauty of the world

Maya Stomp had her aha experience during a run after a sleepless night: The beauty of the world is still there! Trees, sky, birds, your own body – after a crisis it is helpful to focus your own perception on the beautiful and wonderful in life.

3. Anti-stress measures

Of course you can and should deal with your pain – but if possible not around the clock. Let yourself be distracted and take a deep breath, do something good for yourself, e.g. B. a massage or a portion of french fries and ideally pour out your heart to a good listener. Anti-stress measures help to find a way out – both mentally and practically.

4. Find new rituals

If the crisis has made everyday life impossible, we should change our habits and establish new rituals. For example, light a candle at the same time every week or write a letter (could also be a comforting memorial ritual) or go to sport on certain days …

5. Establish connections again

Relationships give us strength – therefore we should never completely isolate ourselves during or after a crisis. Aside from meeting friends who show understanding and interest, volunteering can also help to gain new courage and purpose.


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