6th stage of the SMP RSKG-2021: Certainties and uncertainties

60 pilots arrived at the Caucasian stage, performing in 5 classes of the Russian series of circuit races. On Friday, October 8, qualification races were held at the “Fortress Groznaya” racetrack, the degree of struggle in which was no less high than in combat races. And on Saturday, October 9, the pilots of each class went to the start twice – but not all of them finished safely.

Oleg Petrikov, head of the SMP RSKG:

“Most of this season of the SMP RSKG is over, so those who are really fighting for high places in the championship and the Cup of Russia in automobile circuit races have come to the magnificent circuit in the capital of Chechnya.

Photo by: Press Service of the SMP RSKG

And the closer to the final, the sharper the struggle. The judges have yet to make final decisions on several races, but I hope that by the final stage this uncertainty will be resolved. And on October 30-31 at Sochi Autodrom we will find out the names of the new winners of the season. “


Zakhar Slutskiy (Hyundai i30 N, Carville Racing) won the qualification for the first time and was in the lead throughout the first race. The third at the finish line was Ivan Lukashevich (Hyundai i30 N, LUKOIL Racing). But both pilots were punished for not maintaining the speed set by the leading car during a flying start, but began to accelerate even before the start traffic lights went out. After a 30-second penalty, both lost their awards and fell back to the last positions: Slutsky became 10th, Lukashevich – 11th.

Of those who finished in the podium area in their debut race, only Yegor Orudzhev (Audi RS3 LMS, LUKOIL Racing) received the award: he moved from second to first. The vacant places were taken by Andrey Maslennikov (Hyundai i30 N, LUKOIL Racing) and Dmitry Bragin (Audi RS3 LMS, TAIF Motorsport), who won silver and bronze medals, respectively.

Photo by: Press Service of the SMP RSKG

The reshuffle in the leaders’ camp allowed all the other pilots to improve their position, in addition, Mikhail Mityaev (LADA Vesta, LADA Sport ROSNEFT) won back an additional position. The reason was an incident that happened on the last lap of the first race: Yegor Fokin lost control of his LADA Vesta, but this mistake helped him get ahead of Mityaev. A penalty of 1.5 seconds restored justice, and as a result, the factory pilot was classified fourth, and Fokin was fifth. The leader of the championship, Kirill Ladygin, suffered in the same incident – after a collision with an opponent, a tire collapsed, he crossed the finish line last – but after the mentioned permutations he earned points for ninth place.

The second race of the Touring was no less intense. Dmitry Bragin found himself on the reverse pole, repulsed the attacks of Kirill Ladygin, who started second, and won the victory. Ladygin himself concentrated on not letting Yegor Orudzhev ahead – and he was content with bronze. The top five were again closed by Mikhail Mityaev and Yegor Fokin.

The results of the second race are preliminary. According to the rivals, at the start, Ladygin rolled out of the starting cell – and the sports commissioners received a notice of appeal.


In this standings, the judges’ decisions did not affect the results of the races – the final protocols correspond to the order of the finish in both heats.

The qualification was sensational: for the first time in his career, Alexander Garmash (Volkswagen Scirocco, RHHCC RT) won it. However, in the first race, he missed pole, rolled back, and then lost control of the car – and Vadim Antipov (Subaru BRZ, Sofit Racing) and Katerina Boyarinova (Mazda 3, individual) crashed into him. After the accident, Garmash and Boyarinova dropped out of the fight, Antipov was able to get to the boxes, where the mechanics replaced the front pillar – and returned to the race, gaining points for seventh place.

Photo by: Press Service of the SMP RSKG

And Vladimir Sheshenin (LADA Vesta, LADA Sport ROSNEFT), his main rival in the fight for the title, was less fortunate. The pilot of the AVTOVAZ team was in the lead, but for technical reasons he got down, having overcome only a third of the distance and did not score a single point. His teammate Andrey Petukhov climbed to the highest step of the podium, Maxim Chernev (LADA Vesta, LECAR Racing) and Samvel Iskoyants (Subaru BRZ, Sofit Racing) became the winners. His partner Dmitry Lebedev and Nikolai Vikhansky (Honda Civic, RHHCC RT) finished the top five.

In the second race, no one and nothing prevented Vladimir Sheshenin from registering a victory – even the best lap time belonging to the silver medalist Samvel Iskoyants. Andrey Petukhov closed the top three, Maxim Chernev and Dmitry Lebedev entered the top 5.


In the first race, Petr Plotnikov (Volkswagen Polo, Rally Academy) started from pole and brought the matter to victory. LADA Granta finished second and third in LADA Sport ROSNEFT colors: Ivan Chubarov second, Leonid Panfilov third. The top five included Andrey Radoshnov (Peugeot 208, Speedway Rancho) and Andrey Sevastyanov (Volkswagen Polo, Rally Academy) – Artem Fridman (Volkswagen Polo, FAS Motorsport) dropped out of it, receiving a 30-second penalty for colliding with Vladimir Cherevan (Volkswagen Polo, Rally Academy).

Photo by: Press Service of the SMP RSKG

In the second race, the preliminary and official results differ more. The finish was dramatic: Leonid Panfilov burst forward, but out of command considerations lost the position to Ivan Chubarov. Self-sacrifice, however, was in vain: Chubarov received a 30-second penalty for overtaking an opponent under yellow flags and moved to eighth place. For the same reason, Alexei Savin (Hyundai Solaris, B-Tuning YUKA Pro Racing Team) lost the bronze medal – he was ninth.

The top three in the end looks like this: Panfilov is the winner, Plotnikov and Radoshnov move from the fourth and fifth positions to the second and third. Artem Fridman and Andrey Sevastyanov round out the top five.


The qualification was won by Ilya Rodkin (Kia Rio, Innostage AG Team) – and this is also a sensation. The young pilot is known for his victories in rallycross, but in SMP RSKG spends only the first full season. And his victory in the first race proves that the pole was not accidental. The winners of the race were Rustam Fatkhutdinov (Hyundai Solaris, AKHMAT Racing Team) and Yegor Sanin (Kia Rio X-Line, Innostage AG Team). The top five was closed by his colleagues from the Innostage AG Team Nikita Dubinin (Hyundai Solaris) and Stas Novikov (Kia Rio X-Line). The penalty in this race was earned by Vasily Korablev (Kia Rio, AKHMAT Racing) for too tough attack on Mikhail Simonov (LADA Kalina, BRAGIN Racing) – he moved from ninth position to thirteenth.

Photo by: Press Service of the SMP RSKG

In the second race, Simonov himself became the culprit in the collision with Boris Shulmeister (Kia Rio X-Line, RUMOS Racing) – and instead of the maximum 25 points, he earned only one, which was due for 15th place. Thus, Rustam Fatkhutdinov became the winner, Boris Shulmeister also climbed one line up and took the silver award. Bronze, according to this logic, was due to Mikhail Grachev (LADA Granta, AKHMAT Racing), but the judges considered that he did not leave a place on the track to Yegor Sanin in the race – and it is Sanin who is still considered the bronze medalist, and Grachev is classified seventh. Bye – because AKHMAT Racing has filed an appeal and the results are still provisional. Until the final decision is made, the top five include Ilya Rodkin and Stas Novikov.


In the supercars standings, the results of the stage are also preliminary! The first race was extremely calm: Anton Nemkin (Mercedes-AMG GT4, Capital RT MotorSharks) was in the lead from start to finish, his teammate Denis Remenyako and Sergey Stolyarov from the YADRO Motorsport team took silver and bronze. The top five was closed by two more pilots in Mercedes – Vadim Meshcheryakov and Alexander Vayntrub, representing the RScar and YADRO Motorsport teams, respectively.

But the second race turned out to be fighting. Intense struggle, collisions, departures; the emergence of a safety car and overtaking roundabouts led to mutual claims between the participants and the judges. Therefore, the order of the finish, when Denis Remenyako, Marat Khairov (BMW M4, individual) and Alexander Vaintrub entered the top three, and Anton Nemkin and Andrei Solukovtsev (Porsche 718 Cayman, individual) in the top 5, may not correspond to the final decision , the adoption of which has been postponed for now.

Photo by: Press Service of the SMP RSKG

One way or another, there is still time until the final stage, which will take place at Sochi Autodrom on the last weekend of October and will dot the fight for titles.

Recordings of the races on the “Fortress Groznaya” track are available on the YouTube channel of the SMP RSKG. Overview programs will be aired on the TV channels of the Match TV group and the Auto Plus channel.

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