Which zodiac sign is harder to fool
Mehdi Ebrahimi Wafa

5th place – Scorpio

Who do you want to fool? Scorpio? I will disappoint, this idea will not be crowned with success. Scorpio at the animal level senses that something is wrong. Possessing unmatched natural intuition, intelligence and a rather skeptical mindset, Scorpio will cold-bloodedly and very quickly figure out anyone who tries to deceive him. There is only one vulnerability: personal relationships. When a Scorpio trusts, he is open. But at this moment his intuition works for him. And in most cases it doesn’t fail.

4th place – Libra

Typical representatives of the sign, as a rule, have two positions: either indifference and withdrawal from the situation (and in this case, deception is simply impossible), or what is called “immersion”. In this case, the deceiver himself may be more deceived. Details play such an important role that it is impossible to remain unnoticed in trickery or deception when dealing with Libra.

3rd place – Leo

If you are dealing with Leo, then it is important to understand that this is not just a person in front of you. This is a person. By nature, Leos are serious, suspicious in many ways, but most importantly, they will not allow anyone to deceive themselves. In matters of lies, Leos are categorical. Do not accept it in any form or from anyone. And they are guided by the rule “Measure seven times – cut once.”

2nd place – Gemini

Here is one of the more interesting options. Gemini can be fooled, as it may seem. In fact, your deception will be revealed in a timely manner, but this fact will not be presented to you. “Whoever owns information owns the world,” says a well-known saying. It is very suitable for the representatives of this sign.

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1st place – Sagittarius

Gives special meaning to lies. Doesn’t forgive twice. One time is enough. Will check everything. Not persistently, but true. Sagittarius has his own “points” that must match. He himself is capable of the impossible thanks to his mentality and energy, therefore, from the outside, everything is more understandable than anyone else. The mindset is from the “X-ray” category. Do not try to twist your finger. Waste your time.

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