Weekly Horoscope 41 - Don't be too hard on yourself, Taurus


Love: Maybe it’s true that your partner can take a little more initiative, but aren’t you a bit too hesitant in some areas?

Finances: You tend to allow yourself a little more luxury than is good for your bank account, it is wise to keep your hand on the purse.

Work: On the one hand you are happy with what you have, on the other hand you think you can do with less. Viewed from another side, you still place too much value on certainty. Working fewer hours, please. But not just yet.

Personal: Don’t stick your nose into other people’s business unsolicited, no matter how well-intentioned, the other person prefers to do it his or her own way.


Love: Don’t be too hard on yourself, nobody is perfect. And luckily neither does your partner. Be happy with who you are and what you have, and if you’re still not happy about something, what’s stopping you from working on it?

Finances: Conversations about money threaten to benefit the other person. Don’t give in too quickly and get better informed if necessary.

Work: Too bad your employer doesn’t really appreciate your efforts, but the saying ‘no news, good news’ also applies here. If he or she has complaints, you will hear it automatically, if not, you can assume that you are functioning well.

Personal: Don’t try to shrug or laugh at everything. It is best to show that you also have your insecurities. Vulnerability makes you beautiful.


Love: It’s nice that you make sure your loved one lacks for nothing, but don’t forget to also take care of yourself.

Finances: Your finances are still on the rise. You don’t get it as a gift, but the reward is definitely worth it.

Work: You have trouble with well-defined rules and would like to have a little more freedom. Is it an idea to get started as a freelancer or self-employed person?

Personal: Although you know how to make the most of your talents, you can sometimes be a bit headstrong. On the other hand, that may well be the reason for your success. Keep following your own path.


Love: You really feel like doing something fun with your loved one. Just get away from the rut and especially enjoy it with just the two of you.

Finances: Shopping is fun, but it also makes you buy more than you need. The more you see, the more you want. Making a list doesn’t work, but giving yourself a fixed budget does.

Work: Be aware of what you can and what you want and adapt your work accordingly instead of adapting yourself to your work. What are you good at and what do you like? Do that!

Personal: Don’t take everything for granted, some people are not worth your trust or even the benefit of the doubt.


Love: Not words but deeds. You currently value what your partner shows more than what he or she says.

Finances: Your savings account is starting to grow nicely and if you have made certain investments before, these are now also bearing fruit.

Work: The higher you set the bar for yourself, the greater the disappointment. Keep your wishes realistic and your goals achievable.

Personal: Carrying your heart on your tongue is different from being tactless. Think carefully about your choice of words before blurting anything out.


Love: You are aware that you were wrong this time. Fortunately, it takes no effort at all to admit you are wrong.

Finances: A bonus or refund is on its way to you. If that comes in handy, you’re thinking about buying another car.

Work: You have trouble explaining your intentions. While your ideas are good, they don’t come across the right way. It might help if you explain things step by step in black and white.

Personal: Don’t wait for the future, but take matters into your own hands. If someone can determine your future, it is always you.


Love: Your lover thinks you’re getting too caught up in something. And you also know that he or she has a point here. Is it an idea to loosen the reins a bit?

Finances: Unexpected income ensures that you can repay any outstanding loan, partially or not, at an accelerated pace. This is a good time to set yourself a new (savings) goal.

Work: You are very much against the daily grind. There are still a lot of destinations on your wish list where you would rather be right now. Hang in there, the next holiday is already booked.

Personal: Although you are a strong communicator, you find it difficult to expose yourself to others. Still, this is something that can help you solve a problem.


Love: You spend a lot of time and energy at work, at the expense of quality time with your partner. He or she doesn’t like this very much.

Finances: You are planning to make a large or important purchase. This is a good time to compare various brands and prices and to delve into reviews.

Work: Acting on your impulses works out well for you. Dare to be spontaneous and don’t be afraid to improvise.

Personal: You can’t be friends with everyone. What does it matter if you don’t click with someone? You don’t like everyone equally, do you?


Love: Where you like to tease your partner a little, later this week you have also turned into yourself. Continue to communicate well with each other and make compromises where necessary.

Finances: There are no unexpected costs hanging over your head, so you can easily stick to the planning and your budget.

Work: If someone is in a different position than you, the other person won’t change their mind no matter what you say. And actually that’s totally fine. So many people, so many opinions.

Personal: Patience is a virtue, especially if you want something. Unfortunately, forcing is now mostly counterproductive.


Love: You think you need your partner’s help on a particular project, but he or she believes you can do it on your own. Your loved one may well be right about that.

Finances: Progress in your finances is to be expected. Not permanently, but in the form of a nice bonus or other token of appreciation. If you have a job interview scheduled this week, don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Work: Be proud of the results you achieve and just say “thank you” when someone compliments you. Nothing to feel uncomfortable about, it’s deserved.

Personal: Don’t be fooled, Capricorn. A setback or disappointment on a personal level can frustrate you, but you achieve the most by keeping a cool head.


Love: You like to do things your way, but you only do everything for a short time. Fortunately, your partner is not bored with you yet, but he or she is a little afraid that this will happen over time.

Finances: If you think it won’t work, you deprive yourself of all motivation, which indeed reduces the chance of success a lot. Think in challenges instead of problems.

Work: You have more options than you think, but it could also be that you know what you can do but actually think it’s good that way. If you still want to climb a step higher, now is the right time to think about what you want.

Personal: You are so absorbed in your own activities that you don’t even notice how many people are impressed by you. Look around you and enjoy the admiring glances that usually elude you.


Love: Even though you and your loved one are not quite on the same page, there is still no arguing to be expected. You respect each other’s views and can still laugh together.

Finances: You can afford a perk without using your savings account. Nice to have some financial leeway.

Work: You find it quite annoying to be watched and therefore prefer to work alone. If this is not possible, then cooperation with your colleagues is a point of attention this week.

Personal: Whatever you’re up to, don’t be too passive. Being patient is different from letting things take their course.

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