Daniel Fernández Delgado (Alcázar de San Juan, 1991) professionally known as Dani FernandezHe has been putting a soundtrack to half of Spain all summer. Although, actually, he’s been in music for a long time. With only 14 years he was chosen to represent Spain in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, obtaining fourth place and leaving the public with their mouths open. His name was filled with strength when he formed in 2009 together with four other members of the group “Auryn”, sweeping across the country and receiving various awards such as the best Spanish group or the best national album. But like everything in life, good things last short, and their trajectory stopped in 2016 when they announced their separation through an official statement, breaking the illusion of thousands of fans.

But Dani did not stop there, he decided to start his own solo project, and he has not done badly, he has won several awards such as those of “Best Spanish artist” in the MTV Europe Music Awards, “Cadena Dial Award” o go Dial Awards, “Best New Artist” in the Top 40 Awards or the “Record of the Year” from TVE. And this has only just begun, you just have to see the success of his last song, “Tropical climate”, more than 2 millions of visualizations.

And since the singer is full of surprises and ambitions, lately he has released his new single “Cold”, which will undoubtedly be the song that accompanies those long nights of sofa and blanket, or of friends and party, who knows. “We believe that it is a theme that will leave us in the place that we have been looking for for a long time, it is very special for me”, says Dani.

After his career, awards and new releases, the singer Dani Fernández only needed to stop by EL ESPAÑOL to open his fridge and reveal to us how he takes care of his diet between concerts, as they have already done. Aless Gibaja, Ivonne Reyes, Melanie Oliveres, Marta López, Celia Villalobos, Carlos Sobera, Florentino Fernández (Flo), Joaquin Reyes, Lydia Lozano, Melyssa Pinto, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Sonsoles Ónega, Leticia Sabater O Channels Rivera.

– How does it relate to your fridge?

– The truth is that I don’t have much. With work I am always away, so he sees me little, but I always have little things.

– What 10 products are never missing in your fridge?

– I always try to buy healthy things, I try to avoid pizzas, beer … but in the end some of that ends up in the fridge. I usually have pasta and a lot of vegetables. With the job I have and the day to day, I end up ordering out or buying fast food.

– When you go on tour … Is it difficult to take care of your diet?

The truth is that it is complicated. If it is true that when you order something or go to a restaurant you have a bit of everything to choose from, but at the end of the day if you are on a diet and you have 10 people eating something else then it becomes difficult.

Dani Fernández giving a concert

Dani Fernández giving a concert

– Which supermarket do you like to go to?

Normally, Mercadona is one of my “tops” supermarkets. It also depends a lot on the area where I am, lately I have moved three times, so it varies a bit. Mercadona is where I usually go because parking is very good for not going through Madrid with the purchase loaded.

– What would I never buy?

There will be people who kill me, but I hate tomatoes and peppers, their textures give me anguish.

– Of origin from La Mancha … Do you miss a dish from there?

The gazpacho of my grandmother and my mother. Although it is not from my land as such, but my mother is from La Mancha and it is the dish that is most made at home. The wine of my land is also missed, whenever you go out at the end you remember everything you have there.

– Do you like to cook?

Not much, the truth is that I’m a bit bad. Everything I cook is quite grilled, pasta … I usually don’t cook well. Apart from having time to cook, you have to like it and I get very nervous because I am quite inattentive to details, I end up quickly throwing in the towel. Of course, the barbecues are very good for me, I always do them when I go back to town and meet my friends.

If you had a date with a special person … What dish would you prepare?

I was recently with a brand that taught me how to make risotto, so I would at least give it a try. I no longer know if my date would not want to see me again in life after trying it (jokes).

The singer Dani Fernández

The singer Dani Fernández

– Drink alcohol?

Everyone around me knows that beer is my weakness, even if I try not to have it in the fridge, socially it is the perfect excuse to go with my friends and family. Normally, I usually drink that, but now I’m starting with wine, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what.

– What is the strangest dish you have ever tried?

Once they made me a salad with lobster in a restaurant, I didn’t like it at all. There will be people who tell me that I did not know how to value it, but I do not know if it was because of the sauce that it had that I was unable to eat it.

– A food that you have never liked and now love?

The shushi, I had to give it several opportunities. Once with my group we had a meeting with the record company to celebrate the release of a record and there was only shushi on the table and when I tried it I said hey it’s good. Now it is one of my favorite dishes and before I didn’t even want to try it.

– Who would you nominate to open your fridge?

Nil Moliner, I don’t know what kind of diet he is on, but right now he is “full” with sports. Let’s see if he’s less of a mess than me in the kitchen.

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