Krieg gegen den Terror: Zeit, einen Schlussstrich zu ziehen und die Verantwortlichen zu richten

A comment by Damian Wilson

Two decades of bloodshed began when George W. Bush and Tony Blair invaded Afghanistan in the hunt for Osama bin Laden. Based on lies and deception, this resulted in innumerable deaths and an unpunished duplicity. Unlike many other anniversaries, no one in their right mind is going to celebrate the fact that the United States is today 20 years ago, with the full support of the UK government, illegally invaded Afghanistan. This heralded the beginning of two decades of misery, which in the end brought nothing.

These vicious, heavily armed, turbans-clad boobies who are once again ruling this desperate nation are in the process of starting the flight of the entire educated middle class of Afghanistan. They share thousands Exit visas and passports to anyone who can successfully bypass the bureaucracy and armed guards in the passport office. Ironically, those people who have a chance to make a difference or to hold the Taliban accountable are currently fleeing for their lives.

One has to wonder whether the men who are largely responsible for this tragedy ever think about the disaster that they brought upon the Afghan people. And I don’t mean the leaders of Al-Qaeda, ISIS or even those of the Taliban. I’m talking about Tony Blair and George W. Bush.

In the weeks following the horrors of 9/11, the two later brothers in arms pursued the political imperative to identify and destroy the enemy so much that their only and most important goal was to drive Osama bin Laden from his Afghan hiding place.

As prime minister said Blair at the time Before the House of Commons: “The Afghan people are not our enemy because they have our compassion and will receive our support. We act in the name of justice. We act with the support of the world community behind us. And we are determined to make sure of it that justice is done and that this evil of international terrorism is confronted and defeated. “

How hollow those words sound 20 years later, after the loss of 174,000 lives in the ensuing war. And how unfounded. Because the terror and chaos that gripped Afghanistan, from which the US and its allies had to withdraw hastily a few weeks ago, are the legacy of Blair and Bush. The abandoned military vehicles that are now being driven through Kabul by violent Taliban gangsters to hunt down Afghans who collaborated with the foreign troops have been left behind courtesy of American taxpayers.

Of course, it’s not just Afghanistan that bears the scars left by the two former heads of state of the United States and Great Britain. Because Afghanistan was only the launch pad for the fight against al-Qaeda and the focus soon turned to Iraq, where Blair and Bush decided in 2003 on the basis of fabricated evidence that the terrorist organization Taliban had a seat there and had plans against it forges the west.

The misuse of intelligence to justify a war was so blatant that the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission unanimously approved the crimes against peace, against humanity and genocide found guilty Has. As a direct result of the duplicity of the two, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis lost in this one poorly thought out War her life.

At the end of their respective terms, however, both men simply left their offices, leaving countless corpses behind – without this ever having any real consequences for either of them. Both then accumulated private fortunes – not that Bush wasn’t already wealthy – while Blair continued touring the orbit of the elite as a speaker, giving ridiculous lectures on democracy and holding court over his Institute for Global Change preaching about the world’s problems. No regrets whatsoever. No accountability whatsoever. Absolutely nothing.

But perhaps there is an opportunity to offer redress by commemorating the date that the years of bombing and murders began around the world. How fitting would it be if Tony Blair and George W. Bush were brought to justice for initiating these wars. It would put an end to two decades of hell for millions of innocent civilians and show that important lessons have been learned.

Unfortunately, we all know this will never happen, but dreaming never hurts. Ask the Afghans who stayed behind after the shameful withdrawal of the US and its allies. Dreams are all these people have left.

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Damian Wilson is a British journalist, former Fleet Street editor, financial industry advisor and special advisor on political communications in the UK and the EU.

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