Viral Challenge: Solve this mathematical challenge in a single movement, can you?

Today we bring you a viral rectum mathematical that will put your brain to work one hundred percent, since you will need to put to work the logic, the visual and the mathematical, but we know that you are going to achieve it.

Today’s challenge consists of moving a single match so that the operation is correct, you have to achieve this in a minute, do you think you can do it?

The image that we are going to show you is composed of several matches, which simulate the sum “6 + 4 = 4”, giving an incorrect result, what you must do in a single movement is to make it correct.

Remember, you can only move one match.

Could you ?, Yes yes, congratulations! Now you can challenge someone, if you have not been able we will give you another thirty seconds so you can solve it or if you gave up we will leave you the answer.

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Answer: To solve the puzzle you must move the match that is located vertically in the “+” sign and put it in the space that is needed in the “6” so that it forms the number eight and the plus sign in minus, giving us an operation “8-4 = 4”.

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