VIDEO: Eli Iserbyt shows his mastery in smooth WB-cross in Waterloo

Eli Iserbyt has brought his high form to the United States. The European champion was at the top of a Belgian podium in Waterloo, he referred Michael Vanthourenhout and Quinten Hermans to place 2 and 3.

Report of the WB in Waterloo for the men

A gift sometimes falls from heaven, but so does a poisoned gift.

At the start in Waterloo the American umbrellas opened and the dripping caused a thorough adjustment of the first sketch on the second lap.

Quinten Hermans was unable to cash in on his blitz start after a fall on the brown soap, Toon Aerts and Thibau Nys also moved away. Especially Nys Jr. has to fear an injury (a fracture of the collarbone?).

Due to the turbulence, Eli Iserbyt had corrected his missed start after a mechanical glitch in no time: he had left for a pairing time trial with teammate Michael Vanthourenhout.

On every slope, an aggressive and confident Iserbyt imagined himself in his playground, Vanthourenhout used his technique to compensate in the descents.

He was gasping more and more and in the 6th of 9 rounds the spring broke. An unleashed Iserbyt was with his solo-smart lord and master in Waterloo.

Vanthourenhout seemed to lose his 2nd place to a planed Hermans, but his remonte faltered and ended with a 3rd place.

The moment of the cross: Iserbyt shakes off Vanthourenhout in the 6th round

Iserbyt is no longer in trouble in the lock and wins the WB in Waterloo

Thibau Nys falls firmly on a slippery piece of asphalt, along with a lot of other riders

Iserbyt: “I was not allowed to panic after chain problems”

  • Eli Iserbyt (first): “I had chain problems on the first lap, but I knew not to panic. I saw the crashes and knew it was going to be slippery. The rain had just turned into ice. Michael Vanthourenhout was also riding strong, but Quinten Hermans was approaching and I wanted to increase the pace and hold on to the finish.
  • Michael Vanthourenhout (second): “I soon felt that it was very difficult to ride alone. Eli (Iserbyt) came to me, but he was driving way too fast. He waited a few laps, but Quinten (Hermans) came closer and I I had no choice but to let him drive. Then I found my rhythm and I was able to hold on to 2nd place.”
  • Quinten Hermans (third): “Whether I’m happy with my third place after that fall? Yes, or not? I went into that corner really fast, but it was the first time I felt it slide. I dropped my head after that. and I also had some problems with my bike. Eli (Iserbyt) had gone flying, but Michael (Vanthourenhout) might still be within range.”

Reactions after the WB in Waterloo among the men

  1. 10 pm The results: Iserbyt, Vanthourenhout, Hermans, Van der Haar, Vandeputte, Aerts, Baestaens, Kamp, Adams and Van Kessel.  .
  2. 10 pm 10. Iserbyt is no longer in trouble in the slot and wins the WB in Waterloo.

    Iserbyt is no longer in trouble in the lock and wins the WB in Waterloo

  3. 22 hours 09. Finish! The jackpot is for Eli Iserbyt, who has translated his glittering eyes into a first World Cup victory from the start. Michael Vanthourenhout keeps Quinten Hermans off: the stage is set.  .
  4. 10:05 PM. It has stopped dripping, but the rain did affect the story. Iserbyt is beyond category, Hermans still bites his teeth on Vanthourenhout.  .
  5. 22 hours 03. In the rear, Aerts is working on a remonte. He finishes in 5th place, albeit at no less than 1’41”. The differences are high, but in the World Cup, of course, the points and the positions count.
  6. 10 p.m. 01. End of round eight. Iserbyt hears the bell. He starts the last round after more than an hour. The backlog of the podium customers: Vanthourenhout at 27″, Hermans at 33″. .
  7. 22 hours . Vanthourenhout seemed to fall into Hermans’ clutches for a long time, but you can put a yardstick between the two. The difference is status quo.  .
  8. 9 pm 58. Due to the rain, the fast pace of the women is not feasible. That means that by recording 9 laps we will go well above the hour.  .
  9. 9 pm 56. We list the positions again: Iserbyt, Vanthourenhout, Hermans, Van der Haar, Adams, Aerts, Van Kessel, Kamp, Baestaens and Vandeputte.  .
  10. 9 p.m. 53. End of round seven. The tension of the women’s cross has been gone for a long time, but the second place is not yet fixed. Vanthourenhout still puts Hermans on 5 seconds. Iserbyt is out of range.  .
  11. 9:52 pm For the Baloise Trek Lions it will be a mediocre day in their home race. Lars van der Haar is 4th, Toon Aerts is 8th and Thibau Nys has been taken to hospital. .
  12. 9 p.m. 51. Iserbyt wants a safe margin as soon as possible. He increases his bonus to 25 seconds. Hermans has not yet completely got hold of Vanthourenhout.  .
  13. 9 p.m. 49. Eli Iserbyt is – all things considered – the best man in the race and in control. . Michel Wuyts (Play Sports).
  14. 21 hours 48. Hermans almost taps on Vanthourenhout’s behind. Without that fall Hermans would have been able to turn it into an exciting cross.  .
  15. 9 p.m. 46.
  16. 9 p.m. 46. End of round six. Iserbyt has started his solo slim and now there is no stopping it. Vanthourenhout clocks in at 12 seconds, Hermans is chasing at 21 seconds.  .
  17. 9 p.m. 44. Meter by meter, Iserbyt crawls away. He sounded very confident before the start and knows exactly what he’s doing.  .
  18. 9 p.m. 43. I think the decision has been made. . Michel Wuyts (Play Sports).
  19. 21 hours 42. Iserbyt is on fire on every slope, Vanthourenhout tries to compensate with his technique in the descents. The teammates challenge each other. The difference is barely 3 seconds.  .
  20. 9:40 PM. Iserbyt doesn’t trust the business and looks less and less. Vanthourenhout should leave a few lengths.  .
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