Vacation on the Baltic Sea: You can find rare flotsam - and 94 of them

Vacation on the Baltic Sea: You can find rare flotsam – and 94 of them

Vacation on the Baltic Sea: The tourist can now call almost 100 finds his own. (Symbol image)

Photo: IMAGO / Sven Eckelkamp

Whether collected yourself or bought in a shop – a souvenir is always a nice reminder of the last one Vacation on the Baltic Sea.

A man has during his Vacation on the Baltic Sea found 94 such special souvenirs. Our partner portal reports on the crazy coincidence.

Vacation on the Baltic Sea: You can find almost 100 lucky charms

While taking a walk on the beach in Prerow, a vacationer made not just one, but 94 special discoveries. The Baltic Sea has washed up something that is rarely found elsewhere.

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This is the Baltic Sea:

  • also called the Baltic Sea
  • the Baltic Sea is the largest brackish sea on earth
  • the area is 377,000 square kilometers
  • it is up to 459 meters deep


So-called chicken gods are stones that have been provided with a large hole in the middle through natural influences. The typical marking occurs, for example, through crystals, writing chalk or fossil inclusions in the stone. These inclusions can be broken up by weathering, surf or mechanical influences.

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In Germany in particular, chicken gods are considered lucky charms. The superstition says that the stone can protect its owner from evil forces. The Baltic holidaymaker who can call himself almost 100 such talismans his own can consider himself all the happier.

Vacation on the Baltic Sea: Other tourists are enthusiastic

On Facebook, the news hit the other coast fans like a bomb. According to, many tourists are happy about the find, while others are envious.


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The article from our colleagues at provides more background to the special flotsam. (neb)

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