Triumph of the opposition in the Czech Republic

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis lost the legislative elections with a 27.14 percent of the vote to his party Alianza de Ciudadanos Discontentos (ANO) against the center-right alliance SPOLU that obtained 27.78 percent in the elections that took place on Friday and Saturday in the Czech Republic. Spokesmen for the winning coalition said it could ally with the Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independents movement (STAN). Less than a week ago Babis was singled out in the Pandora Papers for buying property near the French Riviera through offshore companies. He is the first president named in the Pandora papers who is running for elections after the publication of the journalistic investigation in which the current leaders of 14 countries were also peppered.

Surprise result

By counting 99.99 percent of the votes, the Together alliance formed between Civic Democrats (right), TOP09 (center right) and the Christian Democrats (center-right) won 27.78 percent of the vote, a result that at the last moment of the count turned in your favor. The winning coalition also secured 71 seats in the Czech parliament. Meanwhile Babis, peppered in the Pandora Papers, got 27.14 percent and 72 seats.

While the parties that make up Babis’s ruling coalition, the match Czech Social Democrat (CSSD) and the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM) they will not have representation in Parliament by failing to exceed the threshold of 5 per cent required to have parliamentary representation.

For the Communist party, this is the first time since World War II that it will not have representation in the House. While the president of the CSSD and current Minister of the Interior, Jan HamacekHe affirmed that on October 25 he will make his resignation available. While the ultranationalist and xenophobic party, Libertad y Democracia Directa (SPD) of Tomio Okamura, a businessman of Japanese origin had the 9.5 percent of the vote and 20 seats.

The two opposition coalitions (SPOLU; and the Pirate Party together with Mayors and Independents) had already clarified that they would not negotiate the formation of a government with Babis. In total, both coalitions would have a majority of 108 of the 200 seats.

The Pirates and the center-right

For its part, Ivan Bartos, software architect and leader of the Pirate Party claimed that the revelations about Babis in the Pandora Papers are “another piece of the puzzle”. For Bartos, interviewed by The Washington Post Before the polls closed, another Babis period would lead to an “Orbanization” of the country. “These are steps that would probably lead us to be excluded from democratic Europe as we know it now. “, he claimed.

Babis has a close relationship with the current Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who leads a campaign against the rights of LGBTIQ groups. “That is the path we do not want to travel”Bartos added.

The coalition SPOLU is led by the political scientist and former Minister of Education, Petr Fiala, who celebrated the electoral result of this Saturday. “We promised and we will do it,” said the leader of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS). ODS Vice President Martin Kupka noted that despite ideological uncertainties among the members of the winning coalition, his party hopes to form a government with the Pirates of Bartos. “We want to bring change, and with the Pirate Party we can achieve it”said the Conservative leader.

Bartos was also in favor of forming a government with the center-right coalition. “The democratic opposition will have a majority in Parliament. We will begin to negotiate a future government with the rest of the opposition.”

El Donald Trump checo

In addition to his appearance in the Pandora Papers, Babis, 67, owner of the former state company Agrofert and one of the most powerful men in the Czech Republic, is accused of alleged fraud in European Union subsidies. The prime minister is singled out for a conflict of interest as a businessman of the Agrofert conglomerate and a politician. In the Pandora Papers it was revealed that in 2009 Babis financed the purchase of properties, including a castle, near France’s exclusive Côte d’Azur. The money to complete the transaction, 15 million euros, was moved through secret loans in three companies housed in tax dens, one in the British Virgin Islands, another in the United States and the last in Monaco.

The tycoon voted Saturday morning in the city of Lovosice, calling for “stability in these unstable times.” “We must not change the government now,” he stressed. Finally the appointment of the prime minister is in the hands of the Czech president, Milos Zeman, a former ally of Babis. Zeman, 77, had suggested that he could appoint Babis even if he did not have a parliamentary majority. In the last month the Czech president spent at least eight days in a military hospital in Prague. According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the president canceled a televised interview on the recent election results due to his poor health.

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