Tobías Martínez: "To think about Viedma and San Juan"

The 14th date of TC Mouras at the Autodromo de La Plata was not the expected race to consolidate the victory on the previous date and cement the chances of a candidate for the title. A fortuitous race situation, such as a blow at the start, left Tobías Martínez’s Chevy on three wheels, who before completing the first lap of the final had to enter the pits to change the left rear tire.

On the return to the track, the San Juan from Las Toscas Racing returned very late and in last place, and the process of the race did not play in his favor, since he was waiting for the entry of a safety car that would give him the chance to reach the peloton, but this never happened and he finally finished in 23rd place. Even the process of the series was not favorable for him, with a good car, the plug that Brezzo’s Chevy meant, did not allow him to gain positions and he finished in 5th place.

“In the series we started well and the one in front of me did not move well, which meant that before reaching the bend I had to let go so as not to take Brezzo ahead, since the row outside was going much faster. I was able to defend the position with Teti (Torino) but I could not do the overshooting maneuver with Brezzo ”, Tobías commented in relation to the processing of the first series, where he permanently sought to overcome the 4th, but did not find a gap.

“I had been happy with the performance of the car in the series and in the final when we are going to make a minimum rubbing of the pontoon with Lugón (Ford), it makes me break the valve on the left wheel, and well, we had to change it. A shame because we had to add and be a little further ahead, I think we had a good car, “said the San Juan about the left rear tire breakage. “We say goodbye to La Plata, so now we have to think about Viedma and San Juan, which is what is coming, in adding experience, because we have been very far from the championship,” said the San Juan, although in the two remaining dates , anything can happen.

The race was won by Marcos Quijada (Dodge), followed by Alfonso Domenech (Dodge) and the third step of the podium Diego Azar (Chevrolet). Tobías will look in Viedma from November 5 to 7 for the necessary points to reach San Juan, which will distribute double points, with the possibility of being crowned champion at El Villicum on the weekend of November 26 to 28.

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