The unknown story of Sofía: years giving long to 'Pasapalabra' to take over the boat

On September 27, Sofía Álvarez de Eulate made history by correctly completing the ‘Pasapalabra’ rosco. It cost him his own, specifically 62 deliveries, but in the end he managed to take the 466,000 euros that was in the pot.

Few viewers trusted her when she debuted on ‘Pasapalabra’ on July 3. The direction of the program, on the other hand, knew in advance that they were not facing just any contestant. Little by little he managed to seduce the audience and also demonstrate his enormous preparation. During the almost three months that her stay lasted, the Bilbao woman became one of the most effective contestants who have passed through the program in its entire history.

“I told them that not even crazy was going to go to ‘Pasapalabra’ with a margin of only 15 days”

The case of Sofía Álvarez de Eulate is really unusual because the first time she appeared in a casting for ‘Pasapalabra’ was four years ago, when the contest was still broadcast on Telecinco. And it is not that the Bilbao woman did the test badly or that she did not convince the casting team, quite the contrary. “The truth is that I was very lucky. I did so well that they called me after 15 days”, reveals this 55-year-old psychiatrist.

Sofía Álvarez de Eulate. (Atresmedia)

The most striking thing is that Sofía rejected the invitation of the program when they contacted her. “I told them that I was very proud and studious, and that I wasn’t even going to go to ‘Pasapalabra’ with a margin of only 15 days. So I told them to call me in six monthsAnd so time went by.

‘Pasapalabra’ is one of the few competitions in our country that can really change people’s lives, so there are many applicants who try unsuccessfully to pass that casting. Sofía, on the other hand, had the audacity to let that train pass.

“From the program they kept calling me, but I kept giving them long and asking them to call me in another six months“Far from ruling her out, the casting team for ‘Pasapalabra’ accepted her condition and always kept her in mind in their selection processes.

Sofía, last winner of the ‘Pasapalabra’ jackpot. (Atresmedia)

As Sofía reminds us, “in the end, the network change took place (from Telecinco to Antena 3), the pandemic arrived and for different reasons everything was delayed”. But why did Sofia not accept to participate in the contest four years ago now? She herself makes it very clear to us: “My intention was none other than to improve my preparation. I did not want to live the experience of ‘Pasapalabra’, but to really do a great participation and take the boatContrary to what most contestants say publicly, “I dreamed of the boat.”

Sofía confesses after ‘Pasapalabra’: from the Treasury money to the women in the contest

Xabier Miguelez

In any case, when he first set foot on the set of ‘Pasapalabra’ he did so “with the idea of ​​making a good turnout”. It never crossed his mind that in those first installments he could reach the boat. “From my experience as a spectator I know that many contestants do not achieve great results in their first stage, so I was psyched that I would need several stages to reach the boat, with what that supposes of years “.

One of the most balanced duels between Marco Antonio and Sofía. (Atresmedia)

“I’ve spent a lot of time on it”

“I have not spent all these years preparing thoroughly because I work,” Sofía clarifies. “It’s not that I spent 12 hours a day studying, but the truth is that I’ve spent a lot of time on it”. From Monday to Friday it was a few hours, but as long as he could. When he really got down to business, it was on the weekends. “I have also had many study nights and many early risers. But I have done it with enthusiasm, because I liked it, and that has made this whole process much more bearable.”

Photo: Sofía Álvarez, new winner of 'Pasapalabra'.  (Atresmedia)
Would you be able to complete the rosco de Sofía and take the boat of ‘Pasapalabra’?

X. Miguelez

Although for some it may seem crazy, Sofia sees it as something very normal and completely healthy. “There are a lot of people who get up very early to go jogging or swimming.” She, on the other hand, did it to prepare thoroughly. “When you want something, you take the time from anywhere and, in the end, you manage. In my case, it has been exhausting because in addition to working in the hospital, I have two private consultations. And although I have taken away all the work that I could, the truth is that it has been very difficult to combine it with the recordings “.

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