The last embarrassment of the convention of Pablo Casado it has arrived, as the indemnification of its treasurer Luis Bárcenas, deferred. In the end, it turned out that Nicolas Sarkozy was not the most inopportune of all the referents of the PP leader. And it was not easy to overcome the blush of having declared the former French president, a star guest at the PP convention, as a role model a few hours before a judge declared him guilty of corruption and influence peddling. However, the effect that the resignation of Sebastian Kurz, the former Austrian chancellor, is projecting, puts the PP before an even more delicate mirror.

Sebastian Kurz it was the great promise of the new generation of European conservatism. It was not past like Sarkozy, but future. Was. A week after Casado cited him as an example, the 35-year-old foreign minister resigned amid a corruption investigation to avoid a vote of no confidence. AND that is the most damaging of the messages that Kurz conveys to the PP. Not that he is a leader, another, investigated for corruption, that could even serve Casado to justify that they cook beans throughout the EU. Kurz’s damage to the Spanish PP is to remind him that a president accused of corruption has in his hand to resign in time to prevent his government from falling and his party collapsing at the polls.

Kurz’s damage to the PP is to remind him that a president accused of corruption has in his hand to resign on time

Kurz has done exactly what Rajoy refused to do at the legendary Arahy after dinner, in the indigestion of the motion of censure that brought Sánchez to power after the Gürtel sentence. “I quit to avoid chaos”Kurz said this weekend on Austrian television. That video would have been interesting to show at the recent PP convention, especially the day he was a guest Rajoy and Casado thanked him in Pontevedra for his legacy.

The former chancellor has come to the conclusion that it would have been “irresponsible” to wait for the opposition to remove him as chancellor with a motion of no confidence, which would have given way to an unwieldy four-party coalition led by the Social Democrats and that Furthermore, it would have given more prominence to the far-right Freedom Party. Isn’t it all extraordinarily familiar? Except for the resignation, of course.

Rather than being Kurz a role model for the PP, in the end the PP has served as the role model not to follow for Kurz. It is as if it was enough for the Austrian to look the other day at the situation of the PP español, during the convention, to convince yourself of what could happen if you don’t resign on time not to lose a vote of no confidence, the example of what you do not want to read passes to your country and your party.

Photo: Sebastian Kurz.  (Reuters)

Initially, Kurz had said that he saw no reason to quit.. Rajoy also said in May 2018 that he would not give in to the “blackmail” of those who asked for his resignation, after the accusation of corruption, because it would be like accepting his guilt. Kurz has preferred, however, to put the interests of his party before his own. As details of the investigation became known and the victory of an opposition vote of no confidence materialized, he became convinced that not resigning was an unacceptable risk. And now he hopes to prove his innocence while, at least for the moment, his party is still in power, with his foreign minister at the head of the chancellery.

The Austrian Prosecutor’s Office suspects that Kurz is behind a conspiracy that involves embezzlement of public funds to pay for surveys that served his political agenda and the purchase of wills in the press in exchange for publicity. And Kurz have also known some text messages with sensitive content. In none of them does it say “Luis, be strong”, but he calls the former head of his party a “fool”.

Looking at Kurz this week is to remember that Rajoy’s legacy was to have Sánchez in the presidency of the Government

Before the suspicions of the Austrian prosecutors about the alleged corruption of the former chancellor were made public, there were already reasons why even within the PP there were doubts as to whether Kurz was indeed a role model to be presented in style at the closing of the Valencia convention. On the one hand, because the former Austrian chancellor had been one of the European leaders who had most vehemently opposed the creation of the European Next Generation recovery fund. Kurz was one of those who were against Spain receiving the 70,000 million euros in aid that corresponds to Brussels in direct subsidies. In addition, the more moderate wing of the PP did not like his populist and anti-immigration style, which had led the Austrian to oppose Merkel. Kurz had come to power in 2017, thanks to a coalition agreement with the Austrian extreme right (that government fell a couple of years ago due to a scandal by its partners).

Last week, looking at yourself in Kurz was incompatible with the idea of ​​moderation away from Vox that theoretically Casado wanted to transmit at the PP convention to which he was invited as a reference. Looking at Kurz this week is to remember that Rajoy’s legacy, refusing to resign, was having Sánchez in the presidency of the Government.

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