The Kodak Memory printer is a burst of nostalgia

Anyone over 40 has ever used a Kodak Film to take photos. This printer concept pays tribute to you.

For the youngest, the brand Kodak she is practically a stranger. And in these images you will only see an elegant design printer.

But Kodak Memory shows a completely different vision for all those who ever used a photo camera with film.

It is shaped like the legendary Kodak photo reels, and when you print an image, in black and white, it is as if you removed the film that was hooked in the machine to take the photo.

The first thing to make clear is that it is not an official Kodak printer. It is not even a real printer. Is about a conceptual design Created by designers Minsu Kim, Yeonju Do, and Sunjin Baek, featured at Yanko Design.

But if Kodak wanted to make it, or another company licensed the rights, it’s a completely finished concept and ready to enter the manufacturing phase.

Kodak Memory is a pocket-sized printer that fits in the palm of your hand. From a mobile app you send photos to the printer via WiFi or Bluetooth, and prints them on photographic paper, in black and white.

The paper is a roll that when it is emptied it is extracted easily by pressing a button, to replace it with a new one.

The printer recharges with fast charging via a USB Type-C port, ready to take it wherever you want in a bag or backpack.

We show you the best cheap printers you can buy in 2019, a series of models that combine quality and good price. They are devices that, although they seem from the past, still have a place in many homes.

Kodak Memory It has been designed in two versions: the classic yellow and black Kodak photo reel, and a black and white variant. No details have been spared.

Founded in 1892, Eastman Kodak Company invented photographic reels on film in 1898, replacing the glass plates that were used until then.

For a century it was a world famous company that sold cameras, film, and had thousands of photo development stores all over the world.

But the arrival of cell phones with built-in cameras ended their business. Now he is dedicated to digital photography, digital printing, and the sale of pharmaceutical products.

It has also commercialized some curiosities, such as the world’s largest puzzle, the size of a bus.

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