The coronavirus was born almost ten years ago by the contact of Chinese miners with bats in caves, says an expert

The coronavirus could have originated in workers who worked in a chinese mine almost a decade before the pandemic began, says an American expert.

Dr. Jonathan Latham, executive director of the US Bioscience Resources Project, believes that Covid-19 may have evolved in the body of infected workers who worked in Mojiang mines, in south-central Yunnan, in China.

As collected by the MirrorIn April 2012, six miners were admitted to a hospital with coronavirus-like systems after working in a bat-infested cave. Three of them eventually died.

According to Dr. Latham, the virus that eventually turned into SARS-CoV-2 and caused Covid-19 may have evolved inside the bodies of these miners before escaping to the population, through samples of the disease that were sent to researchers in Wuhan.

The appearance of the alpha variant in the United Kingdom last year from a single immunosuppressed patient, he suggests, is evidence that the virus can give “strange evolutionary leaps” when it is inside an individual for a long time.

Speaking at a webinar from the British Medical Journal (BMJ), Dr. Latham said, “The theory requires many hundreds of mutations in a miner to become Sars-Cov-2. The decades were crowded in about six months. “

“But we have heard about the surprising phenomenon of isolated cases of very fast virus evolution in Great Britain. There was so much evolution in that individual in England as in the millions of other infections“, said.

“Our theory proposes that a similar evolution was taking place inside the miners’ lungs after the mysterious illness of 2012 and argues that the virus was leaked from a medical sample obtained from the miners. infected by the outbreak “, he pointed.

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