Last weekend the public returned to the football stadiums and the return brought the return of the food stalls nearby. In addition to seeing a rise in the value of tickets, the pocket of fans also felt the inflation at price of «fifth” and the «chori«. With the numbers through the roof, a comparison of the values ​​of today and 10 years ago was viralized in networks based on the price of the man popularly known as «High stew«.

«Fifteen pesos leaves a paty here. With 15 pesos, with 15 pesos I make myself high stew! », Launched a Lanús fan in 2011 before the TV cameras without suspecting the resounding echo that his particular phrase would generate. With the return of fans to the stadiums in Argentine football, the garnet’s follower made news again, but this time for being the protagonist of a particular reading of the country’s economic situation.

According to a report shared by the user “iFinanzas Argy” managed by Matías Capilla, a decade ago the hamburger in the vicinity of the stadiums sold for $ 15 while today the price ranges from $ 400 to $ 600, according to the site. That is, in 10 years the value climbed between 2,566% and 3,900%. Likewise, in another publication he compared the variation of “Alto Guiso” and noted the high increase in the inflation.

In 2011, when the fan said that the traditional meal was worth 15 pesos and the sale value of the blue dollar (price parallel to the official one) was $ 4.40. Therefore, if it is converted to foreign currency, it would be worth US $ 3.40. If this reference is taken, to make that dish today (with the dollar at $ 185) a citizen would spend around $ 630.68. In other words, in 10 years it grew 4,104.5% and with those $ 15, 2.38% of the total of the “Alto Stew” would be covered.

Regarding the current level of inflation and its progress, the consulting firm OJF y Asociados, chaired by the economist Orlando Ferreres, the increase in the index exceeded 3% in recent weeks in the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. “Our figures, taken by Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, show an accelerating trend in inflation in the last week of September.” They also specified that they are waiting to know the data for the first days of October, “but it will surely show a trend above 3%.”

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