On the day he turns 37, the founder of Telegram, Pável Dúrov, wrote In his channel of that social network three things in life that, according to him, are undervalued, as well as seven that in his opinion are overvalued.

For the Russian billionaire three of the most important things of life are the dream, nature and loneliness. Dúrov believes that sleep “stimulates immunity, creativity and psychological well-being”, and that loneliness “offers the freedom to make spiritual and intellectual advancements.” He also believes that “we are biologically designed to feel good” in the natural environment.

On the contrary, it seems to Dúrov that too much importance is given to certain things related to civilization. Therefore recommends live outside the big cities, which qualifies as “sources of pollution, crime and noise”, although it admits that “it is good to have access to its resources.” It also advises cooking at home instead of going to restaurants, to have “healthier diets” and to have “more control over the ingredients”.

Tycoon also does not recommend buying real estate, something that he considers “a questionable investment”, since, in his opinion, owning a property is more restrictive than rent, which “provides more freedom to move and explore different locations.” At the same time, it states that hot climates are also overratedas they cause “cancer risk and faster aging”.

Telegram's founder warns that "irrelevant content" apps like Netflix and TikTok 'muddy' our minds

Telegram founder warns that “irrelevant content” from apps like Netflix and TikTok ‘muddies’ our minds

Dúrov also recommends not following fashion and limiting the use of social networks. As for the first, he indicates that following the fashions “is expensive and unnecessary” and advises simply to wear comfortable clothes. He criticizes the networks for “the incessant flow of garbage that […] diminishes our happiness and creativity “and affirms that” disconnecting from these Internet services is the best we can do on any given day. “

Finally, and quite ironically, the businessman calls not following what celebrities say. “Famous people often give unwarranted advice outside of their field of expertise. For all the important things in life, better trust solid science and expert opinion“, writes.

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