Strong controversy over the free graduate trips promoted by Kicillof

The “free” graduate trips announced by Axel Kicillof for high school students sparked controversy. The measure was questioned by different sectors of the opposition who branded it an “electoralist”. But in the middle of the crosses, he came out to defend it with criticism of the macrismo including – Vice President Cristina Kirchner, as well as the governor himself and national and Buenos Aires officials.

In the middle of the electoral campaign from Villa Gesell, Kicillof announced that the Province will finance up to 30 thousand pesos per student to make the end-of-year trip to towns in the Province during the months of February, March and April. And he justified it, among other issues, in the need to prop up the tourism sector hard hit by the pandemic.

After the announcement of the measure, the opposition came out with the end caps. “With that money they could have bought 150,000 computers so that our young people can study or they could have built 28 secondary schools,” the Juntos national deputy candidate fired. Diego Santilli. And he added: “Buenos Aires and Argentines want a change of course. The spectacle that we are seeing in recent weeks is horrible, where refrigerators and bicycles are given away. Overnight the pandemic ended. They held an act a few days ago involving 40 thousand people where they violated their own protocols, and now they give away trips for graduates ”.

“They are underestimating Argentine and Buenos Aires society, believing that it will influence the vote. That is not the way. Let’s not mortgage the future of Buenos Aires and Argentines ”, Santilli concluded.

The leader close to Patricia Bullrich and also a candidate for Juntos national deputy, Gerardo Millman, wrote on his Twitter account. “Free graduate trips in the same province where 7 out of 10 boys are poor. There is no bread and there is plenty of circus ”, he said.

National Senator Esteban Bullrich also joined in the criticism. “While the soup kitchens are not enough, Governor Kicillof makes fun of all the Buenos Aires families who suffer hunger, pain and misery. They did not listen, they did not see, they did not feel, “he said.

Facundo Manes came out to question the measure by referring to the investment of 100 million euros in a mental health plan in Spain. “And here we raffle trips for graduates,” he compared.

Cristina Kirchner was the standard bearer for the official defense of the measure adopted by the Province. “When Macri gave his mother and his little brother the money laundering of 35 million dollars, Clarín said nothing. The gift of the 44 billion dollars from the IMF, which no one saw but that we all have to pay, either, “said the vice president.

And in that sense he added: “Now if Axel (Kicillof) subsidizes with 30 thousand pesos the accommodation and transportation for the end-of-year trip of the secondary schools of PBA (province of Buenos Aires), measured at two bands for the sectors most punished by the pandemic, long-distance transport and hotels in the province, that is ‘a gift’ andaaaa… ”.

Kicillof himself admitted that the decision to have free graduate trips raised controversy, but came out to justify it. “The purpose of the measure, which generated a lot of controversy, is to generate work and activity. This drives the economy of cities and towns. It is a measure aimed at propping up the most affected sectors, ”he said. And he added: “They are concerned about the trips of graduates who were not concerned about tax havens. We prefer that (the reactivation of the sector) be giving jobs with a direct subsidy. It goes directly to transport companies, hotels, services ”.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, said that the announcement of free graduate trips made by Kicillof is “a valid political strategy” and is part of the “educational policy” carried out by the national government.

“The verb is not to give away but to guarantee something that some have and others do not have. It is not being given away, there is a possibility of having a school completion experience ”, said the head of the educational portfolio.

For his part, the Minister of Production, Augusto Costa, said that the announced measure “seeks to boost tourism because it is a sector that had a very bad time.”

Costa added that “tourism is an activity with a very large magnitude, for that reason among the announced measures is the possibility of financing the trips of graduates of the final year students in Buenos Aires destinations from the offers made by specialized tourism agencies” .

“Silver is not being set on fire, or doing demagoguery as those who say very quickly and do not understand what the policies are like,” the official concluded.

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