Sánchez boasts of having saved 500,000 lives but forgets the more than 100,000 killed by Covid

Pedro Sanchez has boasted this Sunday in Ponferrada (León) of having saved “half a million lives” by the Covid, but forgets the more than 100,000 deaths caused by the pandemic. He has also forgotten to mention that the confinement that he decreed during the first state of alarm was declared illegal by the Constitutional Court.

That has not prevented the President of the Government from showing his chest in front of his Leonese militants, assuring the first confinement was his “most difficult decision.” “We took it and saved almost half a million lives in Spain,” he said.

Sánchez, to his own, has boasted of managing the pandemic, in which official figures raise the death toll above 100,000 people. However, the president turns the situation around and sells it as a success that not many more have died. “Never a politician can imagine telling the public that they have to stay home to protect lives. We are a political project that represents progress in rights and freedoms, therefore the contradiction that arises when telling citizens to lock themselves up leads you to such difficult decisions, “he said.

The president of the Executive has also been proud to belong to a country “an example of vaccination and economic recovery.” “We lead vaccination, we received a hard blow in March 2020 and today we are an example of social commitment in the fight against Covid-19,” he celebrated.

Likewise, Sánchez has said that he is proud that the pandemic has not served to paralyze some of the reforms that had to be carried out, after “six years of government that practically did not do anything.” Thus, he stressed that his Government has complied with the vaccination commitments, to protect workers, to create jobs, raise the interprofessional minimum wage, revalue pensions in accordance with the CPI, approve the Euthanasia Law, achieve European Funds or allocate more resources to the State Pact against Gender Violence.

“We cannot get out of this tunnel where we entered, the solution is to move forward, that is why we say move forward and we propose to all leave together. We cannot get out of this crisis through which we enter, we have to learn lessons that this crisis has left us, we need a strong Welfare State ”, he insisted.

Tax cuts

Pedro Sanchez He has accused those who “pontificate” on the tax cuts that they are the same ones who later “take the money to Switzerland or appear in the Panama Papers and in those of Pandora».

The Prime Minister does not refer to Isabel Diaz Ayuso, regional champion in tax reduction, but specifically refers to Mario Vargas Llosa. The Nobel laureate asked to advocate at the PP convention for the reduction of taxes and days later it has been peppered by the scandal of the so-called Pandora Papers.

Sánchez has been empowered by these allusions. The purple party had launched a campaign against the Peruvian writer and now Pedro Sánchez takes over in an eminently populist speech.

“All those who say that they are going to lower taxes but they are going to maintain the Welfare State, you know what is happening, that they either lie or hide a cut in public services that today are more necessary than ever,” said Sánchez.

This week the coalition government claims to have reached an agreement on the General State Budgets and from both sides, the political party and the socialist side, they have launched a propaganda campaign at the stroke of a checkbook. Voucher for rent, voucher for culture and the announcement of a fund of 100 million euros to help mental health have been the cascading announcements launched in recent days by the Government, which has already agreed on a Housing Law and another on protection of animals.

Pedro Sánchez has stressed to his Leonese militants that it is necessary to “choose between proposing a useful policy for the public or a policy of insult in which others are involved.”

«From the PSOE we have it very clear, we chose to advance, we are not going to waste a minute in the paralysis, confrontation and blockade in which some are subjected. We are not going to waste a minute on it, we have a lot to do, “he said.

The socialist leader has affirmed that the Government “complies with what it undertakes” and has asked the opposition to “join, work and row in the same direction” as the Executive to “advance Spain.” “The more united we are, the better the future of Spain will be,” he stated.

Specifically, he explained that when the Government assumes that commitment, it presents the State Housing Law and the emancipation income or revalues ​​the pensions of retirees. «We listen to some parties that say that they are not going to do anything in housing, which is synonymous with defeat. We are not going to resign ourselves, we are committed to ensuring that young people have the ability to purchase a home, “he said.

In reference to the General Budgets for 2022, Sánchez has emphasized that they involve the largest social investment in the history of democracy: “It is what is necessary if we want to advance in our country.”

Indeed, he has referred to a “record” investment in scholarships, so that young people have opportunities regardless of the economic resources of their family. In addition, he mentioned that they propose an extraordinary measure, an emancipation income for young people of 250 euros per month for two years.

“Some do not like this, nor the State Housing Law. With this we want to turn a problem, housing, into the right that is recognized in the Constitution, “the socialist leader added.

The secretary general of the PSOE has also reaffirmed his commitment to decentralize some state institutions. Thus, it has announced that they are going to reactivate the City of Energy (CIUDEN) in Ponferrada, turning it into an innovation center linked to the rural environment, and that in Zamora they are going to take a game of 20 million euros to rehabilitate the Monte barracks. the Queen.

«I think it is fair that among all the territories we open a serene, loyal, but also honest debate about the need for many of the public institutions to leave the capital of Spain. It seems to me a healthy and necessary debate ”, he stressed.

Finally, Sánchez stressed that the 40th Congress of the PSOE “will be a moment to vindicate from unity the past, present and future of this organization.” “Today the PSOE, thanks to the militancy, is the leading political force in the country and we are governing,” he concluded.

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