The Economist Roberto Feletti will assume this week as new secretary from Domestic trade from Nation, since until then it occupied Paula Spanish (It will go to the Ministry of the Interior). In this framework, the former Secretary of Economic Policy of the Government of Cristina Kirchner spoke this Sunday as brand new official of the administration of Alberto Fernandez. “There can be no pettiness”, he applied.

In his last participation in Caníbales (C5N), a program in which he was one of the columnists, Feletti expressed that his main objective in charge of the Secretariat will be to “recover that legacy of Peronism where the people ate more or less what they wanted and what he ate from home ”. “I know it is a very difficult goal at the moment, but obviously reducing the weight of the food basket in the average of popular incomes is a challenge that has to be,” he added.

He also sent a strong message to the food sector by stating that “it is a very difficult time for Argentina and there can be no pettiness.” Along these lines, and regarding his specific task in the area, he remarked that “there is only one victim here, the Argentine people who do not make ends meet.” Thus, he again targeted the business sector, which is in dispute with the Government and over high food prices.

In this way, he anticipated that when he begins his administration he will summon all the actors. “I consider myself a man of dialogue, of rationality, of discussion. Obviously I am going to summon the business sector “, he assured, although he remarked that the objective” is to take care of the situation of the Argentines. ” But he warned: “I am going to summon producers and marketers, probably together, but it is essential to speak with the truth in hand and not victimize yourself,” he said.

Regarding his economic ideal, Feletti said: “I want to speak rationally about costs and profit margins; it is the greatest challenge. And to ensure that the people can go to a gondola and choose the products they like and consume them ”, he emphasized. To this, he contrasted the tools that he considers to monitor prices.

“I believe in the controls and in the controls of the monopolies. Keynes said that if monopolies are not regulated, they end up destroying the economy and society ”, Feletti pointed out, and elaborated:“ I believe in a social agreement, in a social agreement, I don’t believe in conflict. I believe that it is necessary to summon entrepreneurs, producers and marketers and make a rational agreement where profit margins are respected, where the possibility of expanding production and consumption is respected ”.

Based on this idea, he was in favor of an agreement to give rise to “price regulation, then those agreements must be audited.” “I believe that price control is territorial. I believe that it is necessary to be in agreement with mayors and unions, and social organizations that collaborate ”, explained the economist.

Finally, Feletti considered that “it is also essential to stabilize unemployment around 6 points again” (today it stands at around 9%). “If it can be lowered, household income will be higher and the situation will change,” he predicted. Likewise, he considered it “essential” to lower the weight of the basic food basket in the salary so that there is support to “buy clothing, appliances and go out to eat.”

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