Readers' Letters II: Disillusioned (II)

The saying “Master Siruela, who can’t read and started school” is well known. It is not an explicit reference to the school teacher. It is interpreted that he used the word school because it rhymes with Siruela. It refers to the person who thinks or speaks pretending to know what he is really ignorant of. Siruela is a town. There are other sayings that go in the same direction: “the teacher from Algodor who could not read and gave a lesson”; “He is a teacher from Campillo, who did not know how to read and took students”. In the Argentine slang there are words that are related to these sayings: sanata, verse, chamuyo, meaning deception, lie, with the appearance of truth. In 2018, a political official called Siruela the previous government, which governed without having the slightest idea of ​​how to solve problems and therefore unable to give answers and solutions to what they chose, through the vote, to save the country from decadence. progressive that seems to have no end. It is possible that the problem is not only one of the Syrian rulers, but of the Syrian vote, that of self-deception, of false expectations, of the submission induced by their own ideas, with a system of government run by Syrian officials, who do not know what is public health, what is education, quality of life, respect, honesty. We must not lose hope of being one of the best countries in the world again. For that hope, there is a free citizen vote, which is not exchanged for a bag, a plan, a choripán, for money without legal backing, which is not bad to receive, because it is something that the people pay with compulsory taxes. It is important to value those who, in the chaos, have values ​​that allow us to know that not everything is lost, that there are many capable Argentines, with a vocation for greatness as citizens, who know how to read, write, understand, reason, that they are respectful of the family , from the neighborhood, who study, who prepare for changes in the world, who profess faith in God. They are going to be recognized during the campaigns, when they listen to their projects to solve urgent problems, without disqualifying rivals, or blaming them; They are the ones who are silent to listen to the citizens, who recognize the responsibility that is assumed with the country with the free vote, in the solitude of the dark room. They can be discovered and awarded with a vote, participating, observing behavior, speeches, reading brochures and looking at advertising on posters and billboards. The last STEP showed that there is free voting and the value of exercising this right.

Elvira arnedo

La Rioja 151

San Miguel de Tucumán

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