Pablo Motos reveals the personal cost of interviewing Santiago Abascal

The presenter of The Hormiguero, Pablo Motos, has been one of the guests to the first program of The rock, the space that Nuria Roca will host weekly in La Sexta from this Sunday afternoon. During his interview, Motos recalled his beginnings on television, the good vital moment in which he is and how it affected you to bring politicians to the program during the election campaign.

Specifically, the presenter has opened up about the personal consequences that he had for him to interview the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal.

“Are you going to continue interviewing or proposing interviews to all political leadersSay what they say? “, Nuria Roca wanted to know.” Yes, “replied Motos.

They will give me milk whatever I do, Bring whoever you bring, whatever you say “, the presenter of The Hormiguero. “It is quite a high price“, It has been recognized.

In his opinion, “people who do not consume politics you have the right to know the candidate in a context other than the candidate’s. When a candidate goes to a formal political interview, he more or less knows the questions, he intuits them. As this is a conversation, and what I want is for people to see who the person in front of me is and what they want, that is what I want people to detect before going to vote, “he explained.

In the case of Abascal, “doing the interview was as if they were pointing a gun at you in the head and they were going to shoot you at any moment “, has described Pablo Motos.

There the tension was cut… that seemed like a duel “, the presenter recalled, especially because of the situation,” because everything he does has the noise it makes, and they told me that I was whitewashing fascism for interviewing a candidate who has parliamentary representation, exactly like the rest, and they gave me birth because I was the first. Then he interviewed him until the time, “he assured.

Likewise, Motos has been sincere when saying that what hurt him the most after that interview was that many had accused him of being a “fascist”: “They told me that I was a fascist and that has remained in a good part of the networks, that I’m from Vox. And when I interviewed him those who wanted to kill me were those from Vox, because the leftists all stopped and suddenly those from Vox attacked me because it seemed like a tough interview, “he said.

The objective of that interview, according to Pablo Motos, was “see the strength of Santiago Abascal’s ideas And speaking clearly about abortion, immigrants, homosexuality, adoption, and that could be awkward. “

However, after that program, Motos continues, “I had the worst month that I have had since I submitted The Hormiguero because on the street people insulted me, it had never happened to me, those from Vox insulted me “.

Among the messages he received, he recalled, “they told me that I did not have the level to interview Abascal, that it was a human wreck. There was a man who got into a restaurant where I was with my family and he began to yell at me violently. It took a hair for there to be an event because it managed to bring out the worst in me. Fortunately, when I was going to get up he left, but I had a very bad time, “he concluded.

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