Other names, the same battle

Roberto Feletti, economist, former Deputy Minister of Economy, former national deputy, among other public positions he held, will be the new Secretary of Domestic Trade as of this week. The person in charge of reporting the news was Juan Manzur, Chief of Staff, from whose office the statement was released. An unusual way to report a change in an “apparent” second line. And only apparent, indeed. The government had already made the decision, two or three days ago, to summon Feletti to take charge of the price issue, one of the most complex and one of the most important that the government has today, they say in the Casa Rosada.

Paula Español, the economist who leaves the position in Domestic Trade “goes on to work in the scope of the Ministry of the Interior,” says the statement from the Chief of Cabinet. “There it will work, together with the provinces, in the coordination of development strategies and projects at the federal level, which include the establishment of companies, the addition of value, the generation of employment and the socio-productive roots in every corner of the country.”

According to this new strategic setup, Spanish will be assigned the task of “promoting the development of regional economies in contact with the governors, an issue that is relegated “, they specify from one of the main offices of the Executive.

Feletti, meanwhile, will be given as a political task the arm wrestling with the concentrated price-forming groups, without any doubt the issue that brings the greatest complications to the government’s management. From the economic point of view, because it is the main factor of instability and inequality, and regressive redistribution of income, in favor of those price makers and against consumers. At the same time, from the political point of view, because the constant rise in prices causes an impossible race to equalize for wages, with which the poverty line rises and with it the proportion of households that are falling below.

The price stampede – in the framework of the impossibility of the different economic areas of the government to reduce inflation – was one of the factors that influenced the negative results for the Casa Rosada in the last elections, and one of the causes of the malaise general in much of the population.

Food and medicine

Two items are of particular concern to La Rosada in terms of prices. One is food. The other is medications. “We are analyzing the evolution of some prices in these items in recent months and it is really hellish,” they point out from official dispatches. The arrival of Feletti to Internal Commerce anticipates that the tone of the dialogue will be different, from now on, with the business sectors with a dominant position in these areas.

Through his career in the Health area, Manzur knows many of the leaders that he will have to meet. From his experience in different spheres and his relationships with the main players in the economy, Feletti knows who they are talking about when it comes to price makers.

“He is a very Peronist economist”, describe Feletti who on Saturday afternoon were enthusiastic about his appointment to a position considered politically key. Perhaps that description says more than the color of your political shirt. Because Roberto Feletti, as a politician and economic analyst, is deeply convinced of the need to revalue the role of the State.

“Manzur has known him for a long time,” they recall, alluding to the fact that, if he was summoned to attend an area that the Chief of Staff considers so sensitive at this time, it is because he already shares ideas with the newly appointed official on how to deal with the conflict. .

Feletti’s background

In addition to his performance as national deputy, Feletti was president of Banco Ciudad, Minister of Infrastructure of the City, Vice Minister of Economy of Amado Boudou, he was also Secretary of Economy and Finance of the municipality of La Matanza, a district in which at another time Manzur from Tucumán also held office in a cabinet. Perhaps another coincidence that brings them closer and aligns them in the tasks that, in common, they have ahead.

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