"Nothing to celebrate": the strong defense of one of those dismissed in the case for the Memorandum with Iran

Follow the repercussions at Kirchnerism 72 hours after meeting the dismissal of all the accused in the cause for him Memorandum with Iran, among which were the current vice president Cristina Kirchner. Another of the many involved is the vice Minister from Justice, Juan Martin Mena, who this Sunday issued a strong discharge against the case initiated by the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman.

In dialogue with El Cohete A La Luna (Radio del Plata), the national official stated: “It was very difficult. It is about trying to separate the inseparable, which is my public function with everything that one experienced when we were crossed by this cause for six years ”. At the same time, he stressed that “no” they were wrong to contemplate a “fierce political persecution” of Mauricio Macri as the background of the cause.

“The first feeling that remains is that we are not mistaken when we say that this cause could reach this point as a result of the fierce political persecution that Mauricio Macri carried out by taking over, co-opting a sector of the Judiciary to satisfy his political ends,” Mena warned, the time he stressed that “the ruling, the resolution, of Thursday gives us the guideline that they are not all the same.”

“There are courts, there are judges, who when exercising their task are impartial, listen to the parties, read the files and resolve against that,” he emphasized, adding: “They did it as we have been saying since day one. It could not be resolved in any other way because the evidence was in the same case and the only thing missing was that there be an independent judicial official to read it and resolve how it was resolved ”.

Along these lines, Mena remarked: “We have a lot to do with Argentine Justice”, and stated that “in the middle we had to go through very hard times.” The latter was depicted with the death of Héctor Timerman (at that time a former Minister of Foreign Affairs), another of the accused, who was also reached by the resolution of the Federal Oral Court No. 8.

“Unfortunately, Héctor Timerman was not on Thursday to meet for the third time to see how this nonsense was closed.” Meanwhile –added the Vice Minister of Justice–, “some comrades went through months in prison for this insane persecution”. Therefore, Mena concluded, “the feeling is a bit of relief, but there is nothing to celebrate.”

And he specified: “This cause made Hector sick. I was very close to him and without living those sections of the history of him and his father, I constantly brought him up. And when we lived through this scoundrel of this accusation, Hector was terribly sorry, overwhelmed, he couldn’t stop thinking about what else we could do, why they weren’t understanding it ”.

“Obviously I understood the political dimension very well, but I was confident that they weren’t going to get involved with this. We were to unblock, collaborate minimally, with the investigation of the attack on the AMIA ”, Mena dispatched in the same radio talk.

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