Murder in Puente de Fierro: a party ended with fights and tragedy

the block of 86, 28 and 29 where the crime occurred. The police arrived after a call from a neighbor / D. ripoll

Certainly little is known about the homicide that occurred in the last hours in La Plata, which brought the number of people killed in the Region to 20 so far this year: it is known that the victim is a man of approximately 30 years , who was beaten to death by several more; that they left him abandoned in a vacant lot in Puente de Fierro. And there are strong indications that the incident would be directly related to a party that took place in a house located a couple of blocks from where the body was found, official sources confirmed.

The other certainty has to do with the time in which the attack occurred, minutes before 5 in the morning, which was the time when a neighbor aged 86 between 28 and 29 called 911 to report that on a piece of land on that block “Several subjects had entered, who were fighting and one of them had been left in the background, injured,” said a source with access to the case.

The police from the Patrol Command who approached the scene verified that the witness was not lying or exaggerating: lying on the ground and some tufts of grass lay a badly wounded man. He was barely breathing and was leaking blood from multiple visible wounds, including a hole in his groin that “looked like a gunshot” but turned out to be a deep cut that pierced his femoral artery.

The Same ambulance called by the police did not take long to arrive, although the doctors could not do anything other than certify the death of the victim. Name? Until last night it remained a mystery.

“I had no documents, cards, or a cell phone. What we know is that he seems young, around 30 years old, “said a researcher. The autopsy carried out in the afternoon established as causes of death the hemorrhage caused by the cut in the femoral artery and the multiple blows to the head.

Almost simultaneously, personnel from the Octava police station who were already working at the crime scene learned that several men had just entered the San Martín hospital guard with injuries after being involved in a traffic accident involving a motorcycle and a car. at 30 and 86.

“Apparently, they were all at a party that took place a couple of blocks away, in Puente de Fierro,” said an investigation, “those on the motorcycle went out to buy alcohol and when they came back they collided with those in a Peugeot 504.”

It is not clear if they were injured by the impact or by the brawl in which they became entangled later, but the truth is that some ended up in the Polyclinic and four in the Octava police station.

These incidents would have nothing to do with the murder, except for the proximity in time and place and the fact that all those involved were at the same party, which “did not stop at any time,” clarified the same source.

The police tried to obtain information from the neighbors, but “all were reluctant and even hostile,” they assured from the force. They also had no luck with the security cameras: there are none in the area. Instructs the UFI 3. Investigates DDI.

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