A controversial and legal goal from Mbappé leave it to Spain offside, composed and without Nations League. Those of Luis Enrique they were superior but France He hit a punch to flip the initial goal of Oyarzabal. Benzema drew a work of art to tie and the quoted Mbappé he achieved the final 2-1 after a great bike that fooled Unai Simon in hand to hand.

Luis Enrique, who went out the big door with his bet against Italy, almost traced the starting eleven against the French. Just a couple of tweaks on the eleven Eric García by Pau Torres and Rodri by Boil, and the rest the same ones that came out on Wednesday. In other words, again the shirt of the older ones for the little one Gavi and again with the trident Sarabia-Oyarzabal-Ferran that shattered behind blue in the semifinal.

In front France, a selection with more stars than the red carpet of the Oscars but that does not usually behave as a team. The France of de Pogba, of Griezmann, from Benzema and, above all, the France from Mbappé. Deschamps again bet on the three centrals -Kimpembe, Varane and Koundé- with Surname and Follow as long wingers and with Pogba driving the center of the field behind a trident from another galaxy.

On paper Spain it’s more equipment but France has more punch. With these premises, the final of this newly minted competition called UEFA Nations League, which is nothing more than the Superliga of selections. In other words, a short tournament in which the good guys play against the good guys and the second and third level teams have no place. That’s why great games like him come out Spain-France that occupies us.

I tell you then. That Spain he started with impudence and courage. We handled the ball with ease and put pressure on the French as if the world were going to end tomorrow. Did not wrinkle France, who returned pressure with pressure and responded with the first warning. Gave it Benzema, who started from a dubious position, but who stood hand in hand before Unai Simon. Either it was decorated or it was entertained, so what could end the goal ended in luck and luckily for our interests.

Exchange of blows

Recover from fright Spain with a superb maneuver by Ferran Torres, who found the ambush of Oyarzabal to put the shock in the body Hugo Lloris. The game began to be like the gathering of The Sixth Night: an exchange of blows. The danger for us is that hitting France is like hitting Mike Tyson in his prime.

On the way to minute 20, both teams decided to take a break, perhaps because even AC / DC has a ballad. Spain began to play with longer possessions and France decided to withdraw, protect itself and trust everything to the imagination above Benzema and to speed against cons Mbappé, discreet and well fastened in the first half hour a few times for Eric García and others for Laporte.

Spain, whose staging was impeccable, was looking for Ferran Torres in all the attacks and the City player, who had forced himself to play the final, found oil on the back of Follow. Only the goring of Kimpembe they could prevent the Spanish winger from progressing.

The first half eluded us with no clear opportunities to take to our mouths. The most newsworthy, an injury to Varane, who suffered a muscle puncture and had to be replaced by Upamecano, a player capable of appearing Beckenbauer and Militao in the same quarter of an hour. The last minutes were fulfilled and we went to rest with the final in a draw, without goals and an unbearable feeling of equality.

Maximum equality

We returned from intermission with the same script as the first half. A lot of intensity, a lot of physicality but few occasions. We had to wait until 52 for Spain to appear in the area of Lloris after a good ball steal from Sarabia, which progressed and put it to the area. Neither Oyarzabal ni Ferran came to assistance.

France responded with a gallop of Mbappé that Marcos Alonso aborted very quickly. Luis Enrique celebrated it like a goal. Spain grew again (and grew) with the ball. The game was a giant round where the French did nothing but chase our own. In 60 Luis Enrique put Yeremi Pino by Sarabia.

Then France he unleashed his weapons on the counterattack. Gabacho could get the goal in 63 in a counter in which they participated Mbappé and Benzema and what ended Theo Hernandez with a shot that crashed against the crossbar. Fortune smiled at us and in the next action the soccer law was fulfilled. Busquets saw the unchecking of OyarzabalUpamecano was Militao and defended him badly, so the Spanish striker stood before Lloris and beat him low.

Benzema first and Mbappé later

Spain he had found the goal on his first shot on goal. It was minute 64. Luis Enrique They were promised very happy but the joy lasted less than a beer in a bottle. What it took Benzema to ask for it (the ball, not the beer), face his pair at the peak of the area and place it on the squad to Unai Simon, who flew to tap the ball, but was unable to clear it. Nothing, we went from 0-0 to 1-1 without even tasting 1-0.

The goal left the team of Luis Enrique and Mbappé he forgave two consecutive occasions to make the second. The first, in a petroleum jelly that was narrowly missed and the second in a soft shot inside the area. Spain I needed a time out. Or changes. As if he were reading me, the selector put Boil for Gavi that had been emptied and fledged. We were in minute 74 and the final began to paint in color bleu.

And he finished painting badly when Mbappé –In a situation that seemed offside– an impossible deflection was invented on the front, portrayed Eric García, He stood before Unai Simón, made a feint with a bicycle and beat him under the breath with the ease with which a doctor puts on a white coat. The VAR took a while and conceded a bit that the more images they took, the more out of the game it seemed. Then the solution was seen: Eric García had touched the ball and enabled Mbappé.

The goal, which had come on the third warning of Mbappé, put Spain on the ropes and in the final minutes of the game. We tried to the end but an impressive hand from Lloris in 87 deprived Oyarzabal of the draw. It was our last chance and, although Spain tried to the end, France took a match thanks to their huge punch. Spain was more of a team, but when the rival joins Benzema and Mbappé same side, it is (almost) impossible to win.

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