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Lucero parle de ses flatulences dans «Always on Sunday» | Instagram

The beautiful singer Lucero finally and for the first time spoke about his famous gas in Always on sunday with Raúl Velasco, arguably one of his most embarrassing moments, but one that made it so viral.

The famous ” American Girlfriend“, Spoke for the first time about one of the most embarrassing episodes of his artistic career, in which he was awarded a flatulence which was broadcast nationally during one of his appearances on the famous show “Siempre en Domingo”, from Raul Velasco.

During this program, she was in her black suit, dressed as a charro, singing a ranchera song and at the end, when they opened her mic to say thank you, she leaned in to thank.

And my microphone – I swear on my children – pink with the buttoning of my suit, making a noise like rrrrrr.

Of course, by then absolutely no one understood what had happened, but the next day would be her birthday and the audience started singing “Las mañanitas”, to which she started to cry.

Then Raúl Velasco approached me and said: “Don’t worry, we understand you perfectly,” said Lucerito, amused by the anecdote, but surprised by the significance of the event.

It should be noted that Lucerito Mijares’ mother revealed that at this point she believed Velasco’s words had to do with the emotion she had expressed in front of the “Mañanitas”, however, she was wrong.

I thought he meant he understood that I wanted to cry, because of the emotion, but people thought Raúl was excusing the pun and I couldn’t understand what was going on. “

Host Fernanda Familiar said it was “Mexico’s most famous pun,” although Lucero corrected her to tell her that gas had never really existed.

I’ve heard that paternity or motherhood on a pun cannot be denied. But I swear to you, it did not come off, ”said the singer of“ Freckles on the back ”.

That way, when she later heard the whole story between her, she said it was better for her to throw it away for the story to come true.

I swear this is the true story and to this day haters continue to post emoticons about it on my social media, ”the actress and singer concluded.

So, in fact, something that went so viral on social media was simply the rubbing of a piece of clothing in front of the microphone, but it certainly helped Lucero gain popularity back then.

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