Readers' Letters II: Disillusioned (II)

In the opinion space of LA GACETA, dated 08/26 (“Attrition maneuvers”), I presented my point of view on the criticisms of the opposition, referring to an alleged attempt by the Government to achieve justice reform, seeking have a chimerical automatic majority within the CSJN. On September 23, the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires activated its power of “persuasion” within the Buenos Aires Legislature and achieved through a favorable vote of 38 to 20 what the former President could not achieve despite having done so. tried for 30 days, using the people’s money, and confusing the electorate, about the true objective of the attempt (“The reasons for yes we can”, LA GACETA, 12/01/20), which was nothing more than having a protective shield against justice. The political / institutional maneuver of Larreta, to impose a judicial reform, enabling the Superior Court of Justice of CABA to review the sentences handed down by the National Court of Appeals for criminal acts committed in the jurisdiction, is a true judicial swamp, where the cause of the Argentine Mail must sink, which complicates the former president and his entire family environment. The maneuver of the Buenos Aires Head of Government has very particular aspects: a) the authorship of the project belongs to a Cambiemos deputy, professionally linked for labor issues to a surname closely linked to the investigations into judicial espionage in the AFI; b) the initiative added the endorsement of a political space (GEN) led by a hypothetical lawyer who defends institutional legality; c) seen from a legal point of view, the reform seeks to save the former president in the cause of the Argentine Post Office; d) but analyzing it from the political point of view, it seems to be a constraint on Macri, seeking to put limits on his attempts to be a candidate for the country’s first magistracy, which clashes with the ambitions of the Buenos Aires head of government. Larreta’s political ambitions led him to make use and abuse of the institutional and economic power of CABA, using the phrase “powerful gentleman is Don Dinero”, to remove Macri from the electoral contest; The maneuver shows that the only leader and driver of liberalism is the greenback, because they used it to subjugate the power of the vote, the only tool that the people have to assert their rights.

Jose Emilio Gomez

Catholic Kings No. 112

Band of the River Salí

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