"Lacks humility": The Sanhedrin set their sights on the French player

The defeat of the Spanish team gave a lot to talk about. From the controversy in Mbappé’s goal to the great work of Luis Enrique, El Sanhedrín analyzed everything that happened and had to choose between two of the great stars of the international scene: Haaland or Mbappé.

The controversy

France’s second goal angered the networks that did not understand why that goal was valid. Iturralde González, former referee and collegiate of Carrusel Deportivo commented and explained to the members of El Sanhedrín why according to the regulations the goal is well conceded.

Manu Carreño: “The same as Eric García is there to defend, the assistant is to raise the flag when someone is ahead and the ball is passed to him. Why don’t we apply that and avoid the debate afterwards?“.

Jesús Gallego: “It had to happen in such an important match to realize that it is an absurd rule. It has already been proven”

Miguel Martín Talavera: “Here you can whistle whatever it is, but if the linesman raises the flag we will get rid of all this.”

Julio Pulido: “Mbappé benefits from his offside position to score a goal”

Antonio Romero: “The ball comes out and the moment it comes out, he can whistle offside and raise the flag”

The work of Luis Enrique

Despite the defeat, Spain competed face to face with the world champion team. Luis Enrique was very proud of his players and continued to demonstrate the great capacity for improvement that this team has. After defeating the European champion and fighting France, the Spanish outlook is very optimistic.

Miguel Martín Talavera: “He has created a very solid foundation for what is to come in the future. I have understood that what has given continuity has been the idea and not the names.”

Julio Pulido: “He has brought the national team closer to the greats. He has managed to bring them closer in a very small stretch of time and that is invaluable. He has won us all the debates. Many of the criticisms are deserved, but he has won all the debates is pure and simple reality “.

Pablo Pinto: “I dare say that these are the matches that I have seen in Spain since 2012. I once again have the feeling that we are going to be in the group of favorites to compete for the World Cup.”

Javier Matallanas: “Let’s not forget the Lopetegui stage. Luis Enrique is on the right track, but he will be criticized if he makes a bad decision. It is what the position of coach has. Today there were people who went more with France than with Spain.”

Jesús Gallego: “There has been a time today that I really liked. France has created more problems for us. Luis Enrique has not been in the national team for three months, he has been in the national team for three years. The figure of Luis Enrique is controversial because he does not accept criticism.”

Antonio Romero, on defense: “The choice of Luis Enrique, despite the fact that I said that he has not shown level for the game, has made a perfect game. Eric is faster and more determined than Pau at the cut. If the analysis is from that Luis Enrique is a national coach, I have my doubts. “

Who would fit better at Real Madrid: Haaland or Mbappé?

These two Kylian Mbappé games have set off alarms about what Real Madrid needs for the future. The last gestures of the PSG star have not liked and this was expressed by El Sanhedrín.

Antonio Romero: “Both in the semifinal and in the final Benzema has been the one who pulled the car. He has gestures that I don’t like. It happens to me like Luis Enrique. There are things about Mbappé that drive teammates and rivals crazy.”

Jesús Gallego: “The only one who could reach 50 goals is Haaland. I think Mbappé still lacks something. He lacks humility.”

Julio Pulido: “He has plenty of gestures and Haaland also has them. Haaland’s thing with the goal is incredible and it suits Real Madrid like a glove. He has the goal in his body.”

Javier Matallanas: “For Madrid’s game, Haaland. Teams are locked in and the Norwegian is capable of scoring goals. Mbappé seems to me to be a posh child who has many gestures.”

Pablo Pinto: “The signing of Mbappé displaces many Real Madrid players. It displaces Vinicius, Hazard and Rodrygo. Haaland fits in better.”

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