La Plata makeup: the art of making the other feel good

Makeup, in general, always had aesthetic purposes, beautification or to hide some imperfections of the skin and face, so many people, mostly women but also men, use it on special occasions or when they want to go out in public and give a more pleasant image. But fundamentally, nowadays, it is used a lot to be able to feel more comfortable with oneself. That is, basically, the purpose that professionals from La Plata, with tools in hand, seek in their task: that the other person feels better.

Pilar Castell Berlari (29), a graduate in Plastic Arts graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UNLP, left painting a little behind, which was the orientation of her career, to find precisely that possibility in makeup, to feel that someone could also feel better with their work.

“To make-up – he tells EL DÍA – I see it as a form of expression, of manifestation of one’s own style. But when it comes to putting on makeup, one pays attention to that, and always generates a beautiful experience for the other. I like, when doing my job, not only that the person looks good, but also that they feel better when the makeup is finished. I believe that this is achieved by listening and understanding the personality and style of each one, connecting, which is how it is possible to generate a beautiful atmosphere and for the other person to enjoy the experience ”.

“It is achieved by listening and understanding the personality and style of each one”

“It is what we call self-esteem makeup – says Carolina Figueroa (29), also from La Plata – through which we not only try to highlight what the person likes about himself, but also help correct what that bothers her, be it spots, scars, rashes, and in these cases we are not guided only by the color palette, but we respect the choice of each person, since the most important thing is their well-being ”.

Of course, like the clothes that are chosen or the hairstyle that is sought, in makeup there are also trends and fashions that are imposed, and that are part of the desired well-being.

“Trends change continuously – explains Pilar – and today, in women, the light is predominant, concentrated in the gaze and in the mouth, while in colors, shine is being used more, with” pebbles. ” An example of the changes is in the eyebrows, which were previously used as harder, and are now preferred more natural and combed. This in women, because nowadays many men also seek to feel better through makeup, for example with corrections of dark circles, acne, rosacea or scars. But ultimately it all depends on how each person feels, that they look different and good about themselves, such as the girls who are going to enjoy their 15th birthday, the bride and groom at a wedding or anyone in front of a social event, where feeling comfortable is the key”.


Another branch of makeup is that of special effects, where specialists are able to transform a face and put it to the limit of reality.

It was on social networks, in times of pandemic, where many makeup artists managed to capture the attention of the virtual world, as video tutorials and accounts specialized in FX makeup abound on YouTube and Twitch; while on Instagram and TikTok there are more than a million images of faces transformed with the hashtag “fxmakeup”.

It is that in the world of special effects digital retouching is not everything, and in times where filters abound, many makeup artists left the backstage and got in front of the camera to exploit the possibilities of their analog art with paintings, prosthetics, brushes and brushes, although also, through social networks, they teach the techniques, share the procedures and reveal the secrets of FX makeup, which is why digital platforms allowed their work to become massive.

In her makeup, Pilar puts into practice much of what she learned in her art career

In this discipline, the so-called “3D makeup” manages to deceive the eye, and it is difficult to identify where the face ends, if a mouth or a wound are real or the product of hours of work and layers of makeup, and where the imagination is capable of transforming everything.

In the case of Pilar Castell Berlari from La Plata, she also came to this specialty through the Instagram account of Mimi Choi, the Canadian artist who concentrates more than 1.5 million followers and manages, through makeup, to generate optical illusions and surreal effects, also being that in 2019 Mimi Choi was in Argentina and gave a master class in which Pilar participated.

Now, in her makeup, Pilar puts into practice much of what she learned in her art career, such as the use of spatulas, and designs and produces her own silicone prostheses, while also using materials such as latex to recreate wounds. clay to work textures, and solid petroleum jelly mixed with pigments to achieve brilliant colors.

“The FX – describes the make-up artist from La Plata – is more oriented to the artistic, and it is used mainly in networks, cinema and television. Technically, there are certain details that add up when doing makeup, such as contact lenses, stairs, or hair that I sometimes hide or paint. In my case, I started using social networks to show what I do, and that is also in some way linked to feeling good ”.

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