Kitchen gadgets: Practical helpers that make cooking and baking easier for you

Is cooking your absolute favorite pastime? Then you should know these kitchen gadgets because they help you a lot.

While for some food preparation is a torture every time, others look forward to cooking and see the delicious result in front of their eyes long before they are done with it. Cooking can be really fun – and you don’t have to be a professional to do it. With every dish you can let your creativity run free and look forward to something delicious to eat that you know exactly what ingredients are in it. Whether healthy or unhealthy food, practical, but also funny kitchen gadgets support you.

Kitchen Gadgets: These are especially popular

The drawers and cupboards in the kitchen are often overcrowded, creating order would certainly not be a bad thing there – and while you’re at it, you can see which practical kitchen gadgets make your heart beat faster. Because with these cool kitchen accessories you can cook and bake quickly and easily and conjure up your feast without the help of a professional. And if you run out of recipe ideas and want to buy the ingredients for new creations, then you certainly will here find it.

1. Pouring aid

Do you know that, you really just want to quickly drain the water from the pasta pot in the kitchen, but some pasta constantly flies off and ends up in the drain? With this Pouring aid this has finally come to an end! Regardless of whether you want to separate pasta or vegetables from the water in the future, you will love this kitchen gadget.

2. Cutting board

You can usually never have enough cutting boards in the kitchen, because at the latest when friends or family come to visit, the host will be happy to help the host and chop vegetables and co. With this Cutting board you will have a lot of fun, because it is super flexible to use in the kitchen. You can simply fold it along the marked lines so that the food can be easily poured from the board directly into the pan or pot – and the rubbish ends up in the trash. A kitchen helper that guarantees nothing will go wrong in the kitchen!

3. Tube squeezer

With this kitchen gadget, from now on all tubes will be completely squeezed out, squeezed out and emptied. On the Tube squeezer Not only is the environment happy, but also your wallet. Finally, you no longer have to cut open tubes to use all of their contents. An ingenious kitchen accessory that is sure to go down well as a gift to friends and family!

4. 3-in-1 Avocado Schneider

Do you have avocado on bread or a guacamole on your table every week? Well, then we have a clever kitchen helper for you, the one 3-in-1 Avocado Schneider. This makes dividing, pitting and cutting an avocado child’s play. Would you like to get started right away, but your avocado is not yet ripe? Just put them in a paper bag together with a banana, the ethylene gas in the banana accelerates the ripening process.

5. Spiral cutter

Do you love carrots, cucumber, potatoes, pumpkin and / or zucchini? Then this gadget is perfect for your kitchen, because with the Spiral cutter you can turn them into healthy vegetable spaghetti in no time. Elongated or round vegetables are best placed in it. So get to the vegetables, cut off the tips and ends, turn the vegetables clockwise and your delicious vegetable spaghetti is ready.

6. Universalzerkleinerer

Do you want everything to be cut as small as possible for your recipe? Save yourself all the cutting and grab this one Universalzerkleinerer, because with the practical one-hand control button, the work is quickly done by itself. That saves energy and time in the kitchen! With the kitchen accessories, vegetables, fruit and meat can be chopped up in no time in the kitchen.

7. Banana stand

Are you still looking for a practical kitchen gadget for your bananas because they are always lying unprotected in the kitchen cupboard with you? Are you constantly being bumped when pulling out other kitchen utensils and getting their annoying, brown stains from it? With this funny Banana stand is over!

8. Nutellamesser

Nothing beats a sweet seduction – even in the kitchen. This kitchen helper is especially helpful for those with a sweet tooth among us. Did you know there was an extra Nutellamesser gives? Sounds crazy, it is, but also just as ingenious, because the knife is adapted to the shape of the Nutella glass. This guarantees that nothing remains in the glass and you can enjoy your Nutella bread to the full.

9. Kitchen sieves

These cool kitchen accessories can now be seen more and more – not only in the kitchen: foldable kitchen sieve. Whether filled with delicious fruit or vegetables at a picnic or used as a sieve for at home. The sieves can be used in a variety of ways, they can be folded up and are extremely space-saving. Your full kitchen cupboard is guaranteed to be happy about this kitchen helper.

10. Hanging bar

Your cooking utensils have always been scattered in the kitchen drawers? Creating order is not only good for you, it also looks chic. With this Hanging bar you can hang up your most important kitchen utensils and have them ready to hand. The best: The bar does not require drilling and is rust-free.

11. Toothpick dispenser

Are you looking for a practical, but also cool kitchen accessory? Then this is it Toothpick dispenser just right for you. By moving the body up and down in the toothpick dispenser, a toothpick is always guided upwards. This is especially hygienic, because in the conventional toothpick packaging, there is a very high probability that you will touch other toothpicks that you do not want to use at the moment.

12. Eisformen

Ice cream is always possible – but do you also have the right ice shape to be able to make a (lick) ice cream or ice cube? With this ingenious shape you can create your own popsicle super quickly and easily. So cooling down with these kitchen accessories will definitely not come too late. And if you’d rather have ice cubes at home so you can always have cool drinks around the house, then this is it Ice cube mold best suited for you.

13. 3-in-1 egg separator

Egg racing has never been your favorite task in the kitchen? This 3-in-1 egg separator With the help of the raised edge, it perfectly separates the egg yolk from the egg white – without the egg white running over the bowl onto the table, etc. or the egg shell ending up in the dough. Ingenious kitchen accessories!

14. Gewürzmühle

Have you been dreaming of an electric spice grinder for a long time, which at best also looks good? These Spice mills are not a bestseller for nothing, because they look classy, ​​are made of high-quality stainless steel and season your plate in no time at all. This makes seasoning your food child’s play!

15. Bottle cap

Who does not know it, you open a bottle of wine, champagne, beer or other carbonated drinks and in the end you cannot empty it completely. If it remains open, it will lose its carbonic acidity and, over time, its taste. This ingenious bottle cap prevents exactly that and keeps your drinks fresh longer. A kitchen accessory that almost everyone dreams of!

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