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(By R. Federico Mena-Martínez Castro) The title of the note comes to mind perhaps due to a kind of paraphrase of the one placed by Cristina Fernandez in her book “Sincerely”, where she breaks down a series of inaccuracies that are peculiar to her, both of her and of her dolphin, that of the bombastic name “Máximo”, which in this instance it is worth asking ourselves if this appellation was given by the aspiration of greatness of his parents, a desire that would go beyond the limits of a splendor never achieved, where the scarcity of merits, were kept from him by divine inspiration or perhaps by the pressure of the people.

There is so much cloth to cut that it is difficult to column the string of political errors that led to an unusual decline in a country that should have been the southern counterweight of the continent, naturally with the leadership of men with a vocation for service, as in old times, when people were thinking about the homeland and not about the emoluments to be received, incidentally, with increasing salaries, when there are households where crust is increasingly scarce in this Argentina that was justly called “the granary of the world”.

Meanwhile in the midst of the mistakes of Alberto, attributable to whoever commands their staggering wandering, unforeseen situations occur that change the national situation at every moment, as well as the mood of the people who no longer digest the deception of the plans, vehemently requesting a return to the culture of work where what has been achieved is based on the strength of the muscle and neurons.

I take this opportunity to express that within the word “men” the feminine word is also included, as the RAE recommends. It is quite unpleasant when both communicators and prestigious men separate the female sex from the male, unnecessarily, because as in this case the word man includes men and women.

We also put some examples: “all, all and all”, of the inclusive language advocated by the ruling elite, whose single pronunciation ruthlessly pierces the eardrums.

Focusing on the political question, we reflect on the well-won electoral defeat of the ruling party during the PASO, where the governing coalition led by Dr. Kirchner led its hosts to the most flagrant defeat that, according to specialized analysts, would be impossible to overcome.

Such is the Christian desperation to reverse the election result that Alberto Fernández’s meager quota of presidential authority suddenly came to collapse as his cabinet intervened, eliminating “non-functioning officials.” To do so, he drew from an imaginary gallery where there are no rabbits or pigeons, but rather bizarre characters of the old Peronism, such as Juan Manzur and Aníbal Fernández, who, if there is something meritorious, is their extensive ability to plot felonies as they have shown in the multiple circumstances that they will have to play.

It is well known that the Frente de Todos has reassigned the campaign roles in charge of the inefficient management of Santiago Caffiero, -of the old Peronist caste- to be in charge of the controller Juan Manzur after the palace coup orchestrated by Cristina, with a view to the election of November 14, which was in charge of the national coordination and the electoral command, in addition to the urgent function of rearranging the pieces for the next election.

With this movement, the Frente de Todos intends to renew the air of failure by searching eagerly for the voters who did not vote during the PASO. However, this insistently flames the murmur of a new defeat.

Not all the Front’s board of directors agrees with the measures taken in this new campaign leadership, where part of the leadership believes that it would be better to have a political table attended by agents who are knowledgeable about territoriality, going to the military house to house and bell by bell in the homes where either because of fatigue in the face of so many lies and nonsense, citizens did not attend to cast their vote. Shame on the president of the nation to take out his notebook to try to convince those who have lied.

The war in these instances, where each ballot has a preponderant role, is in charge of the former mayors of the Conurbano today integrating the provincial and national executives.

This campaign Kirchnerist It is committed to placing money in the pockets of the poor and indigent and, to satisfy this madness, the monetary issue reaches stark levels that impact the Central Bank’s reserves. It is not a novelty that according to economists the problem lies in the fiscal imbalance and its financing. For those who understand economic policy, they foresee a new blow, because this imbalance must be sought in the fiscal and monetary plane. To cover the sun with a finger, the Treasury will go out to place new debt for 185,000 million in different types of bills.

To all this, Guzmán assists helplessly trying to settle with the fund, while from within the government they do everything possible to backfire on any possible solution. Ultimately, who handles the economic strings and is the true minister of economy, is the macabre presence Cristina who plays the inexorable evil.

While this is happening on the political and economic level, on the judicial level the country faces the resignation of Minister Highton de Nolasco, – from the very kidney of Albertism-, shaking a Supreme Court mired in conflict between its members who attend a situation that has not occurred for many years, since its members were appointed by three Argentine presidents, since Juan Carlos Maqueda was appointed by Eduardo Duhalde, Elena Highton and Ricardo Lorenzetti by Néstor Kirchner, while Carlos Rosenkratz and Rosatti by Mauricio Macri.

According to the constitutionalist Daniel Sabsay, constantly consulted by the different journalistic media, he thinks that perhaps Dr. Rosatti is the desirable figure to preside over the Court, given his Peronist origin, despite the fact that Cristina has not stopped expressing her lack of confidence in him, Mauricio Macri has also done it, despite having placed him in office.

Sabsay, as he himself expresses, was critical of the appointments orchestrated by Macri, a situation that has already been rectified.

The Supreme Court awaits a solution for two situations of relevant importance, such as the constitutionality of the law that regulates the Council of the Magistracy and the drawing of funds from the co-participation of the city of Buenos Aires, in addition to the controversial issue of Roads and its resources.

Regarding the meaning of “doctor” which means “the one who knows”, -without going into academic disquisitions-, the title that Cristina and Alberto hold, do you know what they do with the country?

The electoral defeat suffered by cretinism, apart from obvious, does not seem to have made a dent in the main objective of his efforts, which is to clear the name of the boss and get the much coveted “clean card” medal.

If the election result is repeated, the ruling party would run out of candidates for president by 2023 or perhaps without a candidate who has a chance of winning.

The farce of this binomial with a trustworthy president seems to have come to an end where Alberto must settle for ending his term in office without pain or glory after having contemplated breaking away from his cabinet, due to the aforementioned intervention imposed on his government structure.

Within the crisis, the fracture was exposed, leaving the country in the hands of a conservative Peronism whose head is Juan Manzur.

It is possible to dream if the figures of the first election are repeated, that is, of the STEP, that Dr. Kirchner loses her quorum in the Senate, as well as in the Chamber of Deputies, in addition to her privileged place in the Council of the Magistracy .

The future is stormy, and situations occur at breakneck speeds. We had breakfast today with the fact that the cretinists, the vice president and the bunch of unpresentable people, were dismissed in the AMIA case, which cost the prosecutor Nisman his life, which affronts the national dignity and the memory of the relatives who lost their loved ones .

It is truly inconceivable that Argentina can forgive as if nothing happened this dreadful massacre that configures a formal declaration of war on the country, where there were bombs, deaths and destruction of lives and properties, where the miserable, like Cristina herself, D’Elía, Esteche and others celebrate a ruling that denigrates the foundations of morality, where the Memorandum with its red flags and stamped signatures can fade away without punishment. The intricacies of the falsified document are well known, however, the judges of corruption look the other way. The objective we reiterate is impunity, while the country writhes in pain at the injury. The file of more than four hundred pages falsely says that there is no crime, but naturally it will be appealed, with the uncertainty that it falls into the hands of the same prevailing corruption in this bastard justice. Let us not stop visualizing that there are honest judges.

The injustice ruling was signed by judges María Cristina López Iñiguez, Daniel Obligado and José Michilini of Federal Court No. 8, where in addition to those named above, there are Andrés Larroque, Juan Martín Mena and the ineffable Zannini, Jorge Alejandro Khalil and the late Héctor Timmerman, the liens on them having also been canceled.

Judge Daniel Obligado said to disqualify Alberto Nisman’s complaint that “… that, according to the legal and probative survey carried out, it is proven (sic), in my opinion, without the slightest margin of doubt, that in the eyes of Interpol, the Memorandum of Understanding lacked the entity to make the arrest notices fall on the Iranian citizens required by the Argentine justice ”.

Argentina and good men must not forget these names that must be engraved on the wall of national shame. It is to be hoped that this will be reflected at the ballot box, to wait for a time of recovery of probity and civic honesty.

We will see what is the opinion of the Jewish community and that of the sensible opposition.

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