Julia Paredes finally reveals why Maxime left her at 7 months pregnant (EXCLUDED)

Julia Paredes (32 years old) is a fulfilled woman. Three months ago, she gave birth to her second child. A son named Vittorio. And the candidate of Moms & Famous, in addition reconciled with Maxime Parisi. A subject that she mentioned during her interview for Purepeople.

Maxime experienced the birth of one of his children for the first time. How did he experience it?

It wasn’t the best of poor deliveries. He suffered like me. He couldn’t wait to see the baby come out. It was a great emotional moment, it was a very precious help. He was very gaga as soon as he saw his son go out. It was beautiful to see that.

How is he / she living the first months of your baby?

He’s a dad who is very busy with his sport so it’s true that for the moment, we don’t really have time to spend time together. We meet because he often goes to sport, he only travels … But we hope that will happen at the end of his competitions. When he is there, of course, he takes care of his children. He’s a very gaga daddy.

Indeed, Maxime is a high level athlete and therefore plays a lot of sport and pays close attention to his diet. Isn’t it too difficult to live on a daily basis?

It has always been difficult. Before, I didn’t want to understand it, I told myself that it was just a sport. I reproached him a lot. But I learned that it was really a daily sacrifice. I put as little pressure on him as possible. It’s still a bit difficult on a daily basis to live with a top athlete because I have to manage a lot on my own. When he is in competition he does not eat much, if at all. He often goes to the gym. We can’t have too much dinner together because he has specific schedules. We have learned to live with it and when it is off, it’s better to have moments with the family.

During this 2nd pregnancy, you broke up with Maxime once again. What happened ?

He left me when I was 7 months pregnant, but still under the same roof as me. He wanted me to react because this pregnancy was so complicated that I was horrible with everyone, especially with him. I didn’t make any effort so to make me react, he told me he didn’t love me anymore. It wasn’t true but I thought it was. But I had hope because his family told me that if he didn’t really love me anymore, he would be gone. We got back together a few weeks after Vittorio was born.

How’s your relationship going since then?

It is going very well. We have made a new start. I understand what he is doing regarding sport and vice versa. We do everything to respect what the other is doing suddenly, things are going much better. There are no more arguments, we just had to make a tune-up and get settled properly.

Some people take the liberty of criticizing your relationship. Does it affect you?

We are used to having criticism on a lot of subjects every day, so that doesn’t necessarily affect us. The criticisms that really affect me are in relation to children. For example at the moment, they say that Vittorio is a bit fat. It annoys me because he’s not fat. There is no obesity in infants. And whatever happens, I’d rather see my baby like that than have a baby who can’t put on weight.

Would you like to have a third child?

After Vittorio gave birth, I said to myself ‘never again’ because I was in so much pain. And in the end we start to talk about it. But not right away because I want to enjoy my baby. We thought maybe when he was two or three years old. It doesn’t scare us. I was made to be a mom.

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