Juanma Moreno boasts that Andalusia already generates "more confidence in businessmen than Spain"

Juanma Moreno, president of the Junta de Andalucía, has boasted this Sunday that “Andalusia today generates more confidence in businessmen than Spain”, since the community has been “positive for five consecutive months” because “we offer stability, we lower taxes and reduce obstacles, which is essential for investors.

Juanma Moreno maintains, when evaluating the management of the central government led by Pedro Sánchez, that “Spain is increasingly moving away from that climate with a government dependent on radical parties that, more than the progress of the country, seek separation and confrontation” .

Faced with it, Moreno declares himself “proud” of “placing Andalusia at the forefront of indicators in which it was previously unthinkable”, and in this regard stresses that “today the PIB andaluz it grows above the Spanish average, we lead the ranking of new self-employed in Spain and surpass communities such as Catalonia in the creation of companies and employment ”.

“Now Andalusia transmits stability, which has generated a climate of confidence that many national and foreign investors have perceived,” says the Chairman of the Board in this interview in the digital newspaper elindependiente.com, in which, in which it adds that «proof of this are the numerous multinational companies related to innovation and technology that in 2020 and 2021 have chosen Seville, Malaga or Granada to establish itself ahead of other large Spanish cities ”, such as “Google, Vodafone or TDK, among many others.”


Asked about his relationships with Cs -partner of PP-A in the Andalusian Government- and with Vox, which with its support made possible his investiture as Chairman of the Board, Juanma Moreno He comments that “with Ciudadanos there is no differentiation within the Government.”

“We are all rowing in the same direction and our goal is clear, which is to make the change in Andalusia and solve the problems of the Andalusians “, he adds Juanma Moreno in relation to the internal functioning of the coalition government, of which he values ​​that “there is very good harmony between all, both me personally with the vice president (Juan Marín, from Cs), and between the directors and councilors.”

«I believe that this is the key to the stability of this government, in putting aside any political ideology and always putting the interest of Andalusians ahead, “he says. Juanma Moreno, who regarding Vox He points out that “we have a good relationship, and there are the three approved budgets and the investiture agreement.” “We managed to put aside what separated us and work on what united us. Which, I insist, is what the Andalusians demand. This is not the time for harsh debates or political scuffles, it is time for recovery, to create jobs, wealth and well-being, “adds the President of the Board.

Nevertheless, Moreno Apostille that «Vox and PP We are two different projects, we have different visions in some aspects “, and he adds that he believes that” Vox has a solid base right now, although we must be prudent, because politics currently has great volatility. We will have to see in the next regional, municipal and general elections if it really is a passing phenomenon or not, “adds the president of the PP-A regarding the party that leads Santiago Abascal in Spain.

Likewise, and in the face of criticism from representatives of Vox at the invitation of the Andalusian Government to negotiate the next Andalusian Budgets for 2022 with all groups and not to rule out the possibility of reaching an agreement with the PSOE-A to move them forward, Juanma Moreno He comments that “it is curious that Vox is upset that we talk to other political parties, when in recent months they are trying to show a distancing from the Government of change, threatening to break (…), and venturing a refusal to the Budgets”.

Along these lines, the Chairman of the Board maintains that Vox “He would be wrong if he changed his position just because of a possible electoral interest.” “I do not think that the Andalusians who bet on the change took that as good,” he adds.

About a possible agreement with the PSOE for the Budgets for 2022Moreno comments that on October 1, when he met with representatives of the five parliamentary groups to discuss a possible negotiation of the regional accounts, he appreciated “good will in each of them”, although he clarifies that “from the words to the facts are a long way, but my Government is willing to undertake it for the welfare of Andalusians.

After warning that, «reading the newspapers these last days it seems that in the PSOE There are many doubts “about reaching an agreement with the Board to approve the next Budgets, Moreno indicates that,” if the PSOE joins the agreement, welcome. “But we did not betray anyone, much less the voters who opted for change,” he adds.

In addition, in line with the internal transition that is taking place in the Andalusian PSOE after the relief of Susana diaz by Juan Espadas on the General Secretariat of the Socialist Federation, Juanma Moreno assesses his predecessor in the Presidency of the Board that “the result of his management was not what the Andalusians expected”, but believes that Susana diaz “He always worked trying to get it right.”

“That is why I wish him the best of luck in his new phase. She has been president of Andalusia, which is the greatest honor that an Andalusian can have, and that no one can take away from her, “adds the leader of PP-A, who also comments that the Andalusian PSOE” deserves a lot of respect. “


To the question of “when will the chambers dissolve and call the next elections in Andalusia“, The Chairman of the Board responds that” when I play, if they let me. ” “I am of the opinion that governments should exhaust legislatures. And that is my firm intention, “he adds. Juanma Moreno, who, however, claims to be “aware that to my left and to my right there are partisan interests and someone may be tempted to create instability to provoke elections.”

‘People don’t want elections, they want solutions. And there are many things to solve, “he emphasizes Juanma Moreno, who, at the national level, points out that “there is half a legislature, in theory”, because “the agreements of the Government of Mr. Sánchez with independentistas and heirs of Batasuna and with his partner Podemos are very fickle and are not generating confidence, precisely, in that the legislature is going to end. Something, on the other hand, disastrous for Spain, “he says.

Vargas Llosa

On the other hand, Moreno pronounces on the controversy raised by the statements of the Nobel Prize in Literature Mario Vargas Llosa in the framework of the recent PP Convention, in which the Peruvian writer argued that “the important thing about elections is not that there is freedom in those elections, but rather to vote well.”

Juanma Moreno, who was participating in the event in which these statements were made, in Seville, defends that the Spanish-American author “said something that is indisputable: that Venezuelans elected Commander Hugo Chávez in free elections and that, once in the power, turned the democracy of Venezuela into a dictatorship; that is to say, that Chávez was a dictator who attended elections disguised as a democrat “, the chairman.

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