Juan del Val points out to all "bitter" who criticize Nuria Roca and 'La Roca'

“Social networks would be wonderful if they had not been bitter, but they are there, they are at ease and, furthermore, we know what they are like.” With this phrase, Nuria Roca has given way to the section of the program in which Juan del Val has reviewed all those comments that some users of social networks have written about the presenter and the format itself.

According to the contributor, this section has been created “to expose the bitter” who mess with people through social media. “On Twitter you have to be very careful with irony because the bitter, by definition, takes everything seriously,” said the collaborator just before summarizing some of these tweets.

“I don’t understand people who use their last name to name their show.”

To explain an example of a “bitter” person, Juan has told what happened when the premiere of ‘La Roca’ was announced. As he has told, when the name of this program became known, Jordi Évole shared a tweet that said: “I don’t understand people who use their last name to name their show … It is outrageous”.

‘The rock’. (Atresmedia)

Obviously, it was just a joke, since his own program, ‘Lo de Évole’, includes his last name, but a Twitter user has taken this message at face value and has not hesitated to support the words of the journalist. “It seems to me too,” he wrote just before giving his personal opinion about the presenter: “I take this opportunity to say that I don’t like Nuria Roca. She laughs too much.”

Twitter: “With a woman like that I too would live off the story, Juan del Val.”

Although Nuria Roca has not been the only victim of these “bitter”. Juan del Val himself has had to deal with tweets that refer to the sentimental relationship he maintains with the presenter: “Collaborator doing magic tricks and gathering of ‘El Hormiguero’, presenting ‘Family Feud’, doing theater with Antonia San Juan and in September in La Sexta in the program ‘La Roca’. With a woman like that I too would live from the story calling myself a writer, Juan del Val “.

‘The rock’. (Atresmedia)

For its part, the format has also become the center of criticism from some Twitter users. One of them considers that La Sexta is a chain that tends to position itself with left-wing parties and now, with the arrival of Nuria Roca, this supposed preference has been intensified. “I’m not going to see ‘The Rock’ or crazy. If it was already a questionable left-wing trend, with Nuria Roca I don’t even want to imagine it “, has written one of these users in their social networks.

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