In China and Russia they cannot install Windows 11 because their governments vetoed the TPM chip from the processors

Many older computers do not have the TPM security chip, but in China or Russia, neither do the newer ones. Whole countries without being able to renew the operating system?

The computer I’m writing this article with was a state-of-the-art PC 7 years ago. It may not be useful now to run powerful games and applications, but it is more than enough to write news and articles. Even so, I can’t install Windows 11, because it doesn’t have the TPM 2.0 security chip.

It is a problem suffered by millions of users with relatively old PCs around the world. But in China and Russia, so do new computer users.

The reason is that the Chinese government vetoed TPM chips in 1999, for being a “foreign encryption system that could endanger national security“In Russia they are also partially banned.

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This has made Windows 11 does not work on Chinese PCs, because as we know it requires the existence of TPM 2.0 security chip, which helps fight malware.

According to the Chinese media South China Morning Post: “Today Microsoft has released Windows 11. But Dell laptops sold in China do not have a TPM chip according to Chinese policies. So we can’t install it. Waiting for an exclusive version of Windows 11 for China“.

In the West it is possible to buy a TPM chip that can be installed on the motherboard, but this is not the case in China, which, as we have mentioned, is prohibited.

There are also options to install Windows 11 without having the TPM chip, but it has its risks, and possible incompatibility problems.

This Microsoft laptop is available in various configurations, with an 11th generation Core i5 or i7 processor, also Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7, as well as variable storage, always of the SSD type.

Although at a strategic or image level this is a problem for Microsoft, it is not so much at an economic level, since only 2% of Windows revenue comes from China.

There is the most used operating system … and also the most hacked.

The solution could be in what the Chinese media says: an exclusive version of Windows 11 for China, without the use of the TPM chip. But at the moment Microsoft has not said anything about it.

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