Pablo Iglesias has monopolized this Sunday in the Autumn Uni of Podemos all the protagonism in front of his substitute at the head of the party and of the Social Rights portfolio, the minister Ione Grass. The former vice president has focused his speech on attacking the Monarchy and marking the passage to a Yolanda Diaz absent at the convention. Today, a collaborator of various media has celebrated that “United We Can, ERC and Bildu have an unprecedented tactical position.”

The former Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 has insisted that a Government of the Popular Party and Vox is possible in the near future. Given this, he sees only one alternative: to pressure the PSOE to agree with ERC, the proetarras of Bildu and other independence forces. In the party they point out that the Socialists have wanted to agree on the General State Budgets with those of Ines Arrimadas, but that is something that they will not consent to.

In any case, Iglesias has focused his intervention on Rivas on his vision of the Head of State. “I have been able to see the results of a survey on the Monarchy in Spain with which it seems clear what the political forces have to do: delve into the unprecedented state path that we are developing,” he pointed out. “Ciudadanos is no longer a viable electoral option. Now there are only two ways. Now United We Can, ERC, Bildu … have an unprecedented tactical position. The country project must be unified with the forces that represent plurinationality, that republican identity of the future that is committed to justice and social, linguistic and territorial diversity in Spain ”.

«The bases of the PSOE are not monarchical. When there is a congressional process, the amendments of their young people who say that they have to be Republicans sometime after these 40 years are always generating concern. It will be noticed in this congress of the PSOE. It will be very difficult to explain that the King did not escape, that the Prosecutor’s Office knew about it, etc. I predict that there are two key elements that define the broad front that must be built: feminism and the republic», He said in the Uni household.

«The republic is no longer a matter of memorialism, it is no longer just remembering experiences from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is the political identity of the future, a toolbox to fill with ideas, “he added.

Together with Pablo Iglesias, representatives of the same ideological orbit from Latin American countries such as Alvaro Garcia Linera (Bolivia), Manuela d’Ávila (Brazil), Maria Jose Pizarro (Colombia) and Ophelia Fernandez (Argentina). The latter, a 21-year-old trade unionist, has been the only one who has ignited the spirits of the public present.

On the part of Podemos, they have also spoken Ione Belarra, the general secretary, and Idoia Villanueva, responsible for international affairs. The first, despite being overshadowed by Pablo Iglesias, has tried to harangue the purple militancy by promising more state interventionism. “In 2030 we want to have: a public bank, a public pharmaceutical, a state telecommunications company, protect and improve our public services …”, he indicated.

Lackluster congress

Podemos has not met their expectations with the conclave of ideological rearming after Iglesias’ farewell. The appointment was pending since 2019, the year that the Uni for the break with Más Madrid. On this occasion, the absence of the new leader Yolanda Diaz by a personal journey has caused the event to have been half gas. The Minister of Labor you haven’t even sent a recorded video.

In addition, the purple squares have lamented how unnoticed this event has passed in the media. In the absence of Díaz, other regulars have joined this forum such as Ada Colau, Manuela Carmena, Íñigo Errrejón, Miguel Urbán, Mónica Oltra, Teresa Rodríguez, José María González Kichi, Ramón Espinar, Tania Sánchez or Carolina Bescansa.

Table to sell products related to marihauna. (Photo: OKDIARIO)

Despite the absence of the Errejonista and anti-capitalist sectors, the internal confrontations have been noted. Nevertheless, Podemos has censored the interventions of the public. With the excuse of the pandemic, the militancy could only participate in the round tables with written questions previously selected by the moderators. The trickiest issue has been trans law. The new Secretary of State for Equality, Ángela Rodríguez Pam, made a tough claim against the “transphobic” criticism from the party’s rank and file.

Searches at the entrance

To avoid escraches, such as the one that happened two weeks ago in the same town, in that case at the Communist Party’s Centennial Party, Podemos has hired Private security for the central act of the Uni. All people have been searched who have entered the Pilar Bardem auditorium and were told: “You cannot put bottles or cans that can be thrown.”

Total four days, 38 talks and more than 80 hours of debate, in which no new conclusions have been reached. The round tables have been limited to monologues of 15 minutes per speaker that, in many cases, have not even left space to read the questions written on paper cards.

The classics of Podemos have returned to the scene. Has been installed a table to sell smoking supplies marijuana joints. However, success has been limited. Only about 20 people attended the debate on legalizing this drug in a classroom designed for 150 people.

Table on the legalization of cannabis. (Photo: OKDIARIO)

The That Guevara. Despite his racist, homophobic and bloodthirsty nature, he has been considered an example. “Today it has been 54 years since Che was assassinated. We have remembered it in the Autumn Uni with huge darling. In Europe too, his example and his generosity enlighten us. We continue, ”said Juan Carlos Monedero.

No young

Another conclusion is that we can it does not interest young people. The average age of the people who have approached Rivas has been very high. Most have gray hair. Just a couple of dozen young people among all the attendees.

Such is the aging of Podemos’s militancy that one has had a fit in the closing ceremony. For several minutes the event had to be interrupted. However, an ambulance has been permanently on the scene for these kinds of unfortunate unforeseen events.

Nor have new leaders emerged. Leaders of the old guard like Jorge Verstrynge or the ex Jemad Julio Rodriguez have been some of the figures that selfies they have reaped among the rank and file of the party.

Again, the judiciary or the media They have been the object of the Podemos data. Ana Rosa Quintana or Vicente Vallés have had the worst part. Pablo Echenique has put them back on the bullseye for making comments that the training does not like. However, he went on to acknowledge: “Iñaki Gabilondo was already doing editorials on his newscast.”

Among other singularities, a leader of Podemos Catalonia who has returned to show off the heels, a party advisor also wanted to show off a skirt Scottish style or the applause and memories of the condemned Alberto Rodríguez have been constant. Thus, Podemos has closed its meeting of ideas waiting for the designs that its great hope marks, the absent vice president.

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