Iglesias returns to an act of Podemos and talks about building a "broad forehead" based on "feminism and republic"

The former second vice president of the Government and former secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, diagnosed this Sunday that the “long live the King of Spain” is “the main identity of the right and the political, media and judicial far right of Spain”, and in front of She pointed out that “there will be two key elements that define the broad front that must be built: feminism and the Republic.”

He did so in his speech at the closing ceremony of the party’s Autumn University, the first speech in an act of Podemos that Iglesias has given since he left institutional politics on Madrid’s election night of May 4. Iglesias, very applauded when he arrived, when he was introduced and finally when he spoke, explained that he had asked “my general secretary”, his successor in the organic position, Ione Belarra, to ask him what he should talk about, and that, when giving her carte blanche, she had decided to speak of a republic.

The former vice president declared the monarchical consensus that united the PSOE, the PP, the CiU and the PNV to be broken in the first 35 years of democracy, because King Juan Carlos has revealed himself in his economic activities and, in addition, Podemos and the Catalan independence movement they have “completely redefined the system.”

Specifically, Iglesias interpreted that, in the face of the independence movement, King Felipe sent two days after the referendum of October 1, 2017 a message to the State, after which “the right reacts”, first with Ciudadanos, then with Vox, and now with the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who “is waiting for (the president of the PP, Pablo) Casado to have an electoral stumble to be the leader of the right and the extreme right.”

The former leader of Podemos revealed that this week the result of a survey on the monarchy will come out but I did not want to reveal the result, although he said he knew it. He argued that now the cry of “Long live the king of Spain” is “the main identity of the right and the political, media and judicial far right”, and opposite, the republican identity can unite United Podemos, ERC and EH Bildu in a project of the future that bets on the plurinationality of Spain.

Moreover, he pointed out that the republic and feminism will be key elements in the “broad front that must be built.” An expression, this one of “broad front”, which he already used at the beginning of his speech when he called on Podemos to “accompany” the unofficial leader of United Podemos, the second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, and with whom it seemed give him the reason in his desire to transcend the parties of the confederal space.

In between the two political camps that Iglesias defined would be, obviously, the PSOE, and in this sense he seemed to realize it because he also referred to him. Specifically, he testified that the grassroots and socialist youth “are not monarchical”, for which he predicted that in the Federal Congress next weekend “there will be a tension” with the republican amendments that are presented to the papers and statutes , of militants to whom “it will be very difficult to explain” that the party continues to be monarchical.

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