Iglesias asks to support Díaz with the aim of creating a left front that surpasses the PSOE

The former vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has expressed its conviction that the new leadership of Podemos will know how to accompany Yolanda Díaz, after the second vice president of the Government of Sánchez has shown her intention to move away from the nomenclature of the purple formation.

Iglesias has defended that Podemos has built a “huge heritage” politician who will know how to “put into practice” to “converge” and “summer” with different in this “broad front” project that Díaz will lead.

He has also ensured that the current “female” direction and choir commanded by the current leader of the organization, Ione Belarra, is the best we have ever had.

And in contrast, he has predicted that the Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, aspires to become the leader of the “right and far right”, for which he is waiting for a “stumble” from Casado.

This has been transferred during the closing ceremony of the University of Autumn of the purple formation in the Pilar Bardem auditorium in the town of Rivas Vaciamadrid, in which the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has also intervened.

Belarra has also proclaimed this Sunday its will to build a progressive “broad front” led by Díaz that snatch from the PSOE the hegemonic position in the left arch.

And to achieve this objective of growing and expanding “more and more” the political space, he has called to speak with other political forces and civil society, since as long as the Socialists continue as the main force of the Government, advances in rights will be “many more slow “.

A strategy also assumed by the organization in the final manifesto that condenses the conclusions of this forum, which Podemos conceived to rearm ideologically and also reflect on alliances.

“We do not think that the political and social movement in which we are proud to participate will end within the limits of our political organizations. On the contrary, we feel part of all that broad civil society that shares with us that longing for a country”, The text says to make a call to join that project.

And it is that Podemos is aware that many of the goals “are not possible with the current correlation of forces and that Spanish society will only be able to achieve them if it surpasses the PSOE as the main force of the progressive bloc.”

Changes are slow with the PSOE

Along these lines, Belarra has reaffirmed the leadership of Díaz, who did not attend the event given that he had a personal commitment, for that broad front, since he is sure that alliances can be increased.

The holder of Social Rights has indicated that if they were the first political force in the country, the changes that Spain requires would be promoted more rapidly, since they are wasting “precious” time that they do not have.

And it is that he has delved into that it is not difficult to imagine that if United We Can not have taken such “ambitious” measures to lower the price of electricity and has asserted that if they were the majority partner of the coalition, the repeal of the labor reform of the PP and the new Housing Law would already be in force.

In fact, Belarra has defended that it is precisely United We who is setting the course and the direction of the State to the PSOE, but has made it clear that if the Socialists continue as the main force, the changes will go “much slower” than what the feminism

Therefore, it has summoned to work for that broad front that the Minister of Labor commands, since only the “space for change” has a “free hand” before the powers of the country.

Second transition

On the other hand, Belarra has presumed that Podemos has managed to transform the Spanish political system by “burying bipartisanship” and “arming” a parliamentary majority of State leadership with a series of advances that suppose, in his words, a “second democratic transition “It is not over.

A process that, as in the past, will not be exempt from “reactions of the hegemonic powers” but that will lead, as it has predicted, to a republican horizon that is “much more than the absence of a king”, greater democracy and plurinationality.

The power of Vox, reaction to change

During her speech, the leader of Podemos has vindicated the 15-M movement and also the founding manifesto of Podemos, which cried out to “forge the keys to open the doors” that until then had been denied.

Then he related that when they began their irruption, the reaction of the factual powers of the country was to resort to Ciudadanos, the “crutch” of bipartisanship, but the change was “conquering” positions and managing to overthrow right-wing governments at the regional and state levels.

Faced with this drift, the secretary general of Podemos has explained that those powers then played “all their cards” to the “reaction” as illustrated, in his opinion, that exercise of “sincericide” that were the words of the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, to launch that “it is not about voting but about voting well.”

And it is that the minister has wielded that when in Spain the winds of change have blown stronger, to the powers “they have not been left other than to entrench themselves in the extreme right of Vox”.

He has also had words of support for the deputy of United Podemos Alberto Rodríguez, from whom “they are trying to take his seat” in a process without “evidence”, “criminalizing him for being from Podemos.”

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